Types Of Baseball Bat (Infographics)

Type of baseball bat

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Types Of Base Ball Bat

Cheek Specification for your baseball bat and try to get the best one as per your unique requirements.

  1. Hybrid

Hybrid baseball bats mostly feature handles and spines that are constructed from aluminum and barrels that are made from pressure-molded composite materials. They are very durable. They are designed to provide resistance to dents, dings, bends and defects and warping over time.

  1. Wood

Wooden baseball bats are manufactured from maple, ash, hickory bamboo or composite wood. Ash is the softest while maple is the densest of them all. Bamboo and hickory baseballs bats are not sanctioned for use by many professional leagues.

  1. Aluminum

Baseball bats that are made from aluminum are lighter and more durable. They are easier to swing compared to wooden bats of the same size, something that makes them ideal for younger players that are learning the proper mechanics of a good swing.

  1. Composite

Composite bats feature a blend of plastic, graphite, carbon fiber, fiberglass and sometimes titanium. They are lighter compared to those made of aluminum. However, they are not as durable as aluminum bats especially in the portion between the barrel and the handle.

  1. One Piece Bat

This bat is made with the same material throughout. It is a stronger and stiffer bat that is perfect for professionals. It is least flexible compared to other types of baseball bats.

  1. Two Piece Bat

The handle and barrel of a two piece baseball bat are made from different materials that are attached together. It is very flexible. Lesser vibration is felt in the hand when you use this kind of bat.


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