Common Baseball Injuries And Prevention: Tips + Advice

Most sports games are dangerous to play as one is prone to get an injury. Some are too dangerous as they can cause you to lose a part of your body or even discontinue from playing the game as a result of the severe injuries incurred. Well, some of the most known dangerous games include the hockey, football, and even boxing among others.

Another game that is dangerous but people tend to exclude it from the others is baseball. What differentiates the baseball games with the rest of the games is the fact that the injuries are self-inflicted unlike others like boxing where you get a hard punch from your opponent.

Five most common baseball injuries

common baseball injuries

Rotator cuff tears

A baseball game involves a lot of swinging and movement as well. And one of the common injury experienced is rotator cuff tear which is prone to the pitcher. The pitcher has to make sure that he pitches the ball at high speed and this speed makes the tissues holding the muscles on the arm to strain and tear.

The damage occurs due to the constant rotation of the shoulder and the high speed at which the shoulder joint is moved at. The damage to the tissues results to the pitcher experiencing a lot of pain in the shoulder such that he or she is unable to swing and throw the ball.

Sometimes it may be severe to the extent that the player has to undergo an operation so as to repair the tissues.

UCL Injury

Ulnar collateral ligament ( UCL) is an injury that occurs when a person repetitively stresses the inside part of the elbow. UCL is a structure that joins the humerus and ulna together and ones it gets damaged, it results to the elbow dislocating.

The injury is common to pitchers and is closely related to rotator cuff tear since both injuries involve the movement of the arm. The injury does not necessarily require surgery as it can heal on its own unless the pain does not stop after a long while.

Knee Injuries (ACL and MCL)

This type of damage affects the runners. It results from a sudden knee twist on the joint of the knee which may occur from the high speed turns the baseball athlete makes around or the sudden change of running directions the player makes.

The impact causes the cartilage found in the meniscus tear and hence results in a lot of pain. Although the injury can heal after some time, one may require surgery if the injury is so severe.

Muscle Sprains and Strains

Baseball game involves a lot of running and sliding hence these movements cause a lot of leg injuries. Some of the common injuries are the muscle sprains and joint strains which can be very painful. Muscle strain is also referred to as muscle tear or twinges.

The injury is common in hitters and affects the back and the large muscles of their thighs. The damage occurs due to the frequent starts and stops which require energy and power from the leg muscles. On the other hand, a sprain can occur as a result of a sudden twist of a joint for example on your knee.


Spondylolysis is injury occurs as a result of constant swinging and pitching a baseball. The movements cause the bone joining the spine to weaken and fracture which results in the back pain.

The injury is treatable using physical therapy and by using anti-inflammatory medicines. You may also be required to take some time off the field so the spine can get back to normal.

Common Baseball Injuries and Prevention

Warm up before throwing the ball

One tip that can help you avoid injuries such as rotator cuff tears and UCL injury is by exercising your shoulders. This act helps prepare the shoulder for rotations done when throwing the baseball.

One of the best exercises to perform involves extending your arm in front and across your body at a shoulder level. Then using your opposite arm holds the elbow of the extended hand and then slowly pull it towards the chest and stretch it.

Know when to stop

Ones you feel fatigued you should immediately take time off as the straining can cause severe damage to your muscles and tissues. Therefore if you feel like your energy is draining, you are missing directions, or your hands are not rotating at high speed these are some signs that you are tired and your body requires rest.


Another tip that you can employ so as to avoid baseball injuries is by working out. Some of the body parts to exercise are the arms, legs and the core. These areas of the body require being strengthened as most injuries occur due to the weakness of the muscles in these regions.

Follow pitch limits and rest periods. It is important that you follow the number of baseball pitch for kids or adult that you are supposed to play for a league. The limits are mostly set so as to make sure that each person gets to rest and does not strain their muscles.

Communicate about your progress

It is crucial that if you feel your body is feeling unusual such that you are experiencing some pain and dizziness, always make sure that you communicate so you can have a paramedic check on you.

Have a trainer

Another way that you can avoid baseball injuries is by investing in a professional trainer. This is important as they have enough skills and knowledge about the right exercises and tactics to use when playing the game so as to avoid the injuries.

Take a break

Don’t pitch throughout the year as this can lead to weakening your muscles as a result of overworking. Therefore consider taking some break in between the year so as to relax and prepare well too

Tips on how to prevent baseball injuries

​Final Note:

The above are the common injuries related to baseball games and how to prevent them from occurring. Therefore if you are an amateur in this game, the above tips will help you know what is required of you so as to avoid the injuries and the impacts of the injuries to your body as well.


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