Best Youth Catchers Gear Sets Reviews 2017

Anyone that has played the catcher position in a baseball sport understands the importance of having the best youth catchers gear. The catcher is the toughest and most critical position in baseball sport. As a catcher, you are vulnerable to several dangers such as rough slides, foul tips, and bats.

Alongside skills and talent, the level of play, or the number of years you’ve been in the game, protection is essential and determines the success of your game. Therefore, whether you are playing baseball for fun or competition, you should always insist on high-end protective gear. With the top rated youth catchers gear, you can be sure of playing without worrying about injuries.

When shopping for one, there are several options to consider. Buying the right gear that fits you is the best thing to do. Buying a big gear that moves or expose you to injuries can be very annoying and frustrating. To avoid making such pitfalls below is a short guide on how to purchase the right catchers gear set.

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Best Youth Catchers Gear

Top 10 Best Youth Catchers Gear Set 

1. Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set

With an advanced, highly padded chest protector, this set makes the best catchers gear for youth that provides maximum safety against all forms of injuries. It comes with a shoulder harness, so you can make adjustments to get a snug fit.

For breath ability, this set has a highly perforated mesh lining that also makes it ultra-lightweight. Additionally, it features a double-knee design that adds flexibility and mobility.

Therefore, you can enjoy free movements. With custom sizes, you can select the best fit that suits your needs. It is made of a high-quality material to withstand all abuses.

Louisville Slugger Youth PG looks very stylish with a sleek and glossy finished helmet. It is also equipped with moisture-wicking technology to make your face dry.

Moreover, it includes high-end leg guards with padding in the high-impact knee cap. The leg guards are also adjustable as it comes with Velcro straps.

Highlighted features
  • Flexible shin guards 
  • Sleek and glossy finished helmet
  • Padded chest protector
  • Highly perforated mesh lining 
  • Double knee design

2. Easton Black Magic Catcher Box Set (Junior Youth)

This is an NOCSAE approved set that provides the best possible protection. The package comprises of a chest protector, leg guards, and helmet. It is one light package that weighs only 7.8 pounds. Easton Black Magic Catcher Set perfect for youths aged 7-9 who want to take their catching skills to the next level.

The Black Magic helmet does well in protecting young adults from any possible head injuries. It features a lock-down closure system that makes it easy to set. It is a great set for doing practice or actual play. The sturdy stainless steel construction gives it added durability so you can enjoy your play unafraid of any injuries.

The Velcro adjustable straps enable you to customize and have a snug fit, so you won’t experience bulkiness whenever you go out to play. The helmet measures 6-7 inches which are a great size for many ambitious young youths.

This set is packed with adorable protective gear and should not miss in the baseball backpack of any serious catcher. The 10.3-pound weight makes it very portable. If you are looking for a reputable brand that proofs undisputable protection, then Easton Black Magic set is the deal.

Highlighted features
  • 11.5 inches leg guards 
  • 6-7 inch helmet
  • Lightweight of 10.3 pounds 
  • Velcro strap closure
  • Stainless steel construction 

3. Mizuno Youth Samurai Box Set (Black/Grey)

Comfy-minded players finally have an option. Boy’s Mizuno is a comprehensive catcher set that comprises of leg guards, chest protectors, and helmet. Its chest protectors are well padded to provide exclusive comfort making it ideal for you if you prefer playing for long.

The helmet and chest protectors are composed of durable and highly impressive materials. The ventilated steel helmets contain up to three layers of foam.

The most exciting feature of this Catcher’s set is the low rebound protection technology. It helps to deaden the impact of the baseball, hence, reducing injuries from missed throws and pitches.

Leg guards too have a patented detachable knee pad design for a personalized fit. What sets this set apart is the triple knee cup design that improves its overall performance. It works well for all catchers regardless of your individual needs.

If you want to hone your catching skills, then this unit might be your best companion.

Highlighted features
  • Patented and detachable knee pads 
  • Low rebound technology 
  • Heavily padded chest protectors
  • Steel helmet construction 
  • Detachable wings 

4. Under Armour Youth PTH Victory Catchers Kit

This features a cutting-edge design that makes it appear stylish and professional. Its helmet is equipped with impact retardant shell cover that makes it deflect and absorb all forms of shock.

Leg guards come with a ventilation system that makes it very well aerated. The chest protectors are equipped with mold able plastic inserts in the sternum, throat, and shoulders that improve its protection. The user can also re position the leg guards to match their individual needs.

The mask contains breathable and high-density lining materials that add comfort to the user. It has an I-bar steel cage that provides increased vision and strength. The leg guards are freely adjustable meaning you can customize to get the best fit for your kid.

It is a recommendmd catcher set for entry and intermediate players. It comes in several color options so a player can select the one that matches their baseball color. The shin and knee pads are hand-washable, so you can clean them when dirty. It is an excellent package for youths aged 9-12. 

Highlighted features
  • Exclusive leg guard ventilation system 
  • I-Bar Steel cage 
  • Dual lining material 
  • 6-7 inch helmet
  • 13-inch adjustable leg guards

5. Wilson Youth EZ Gear Catcher's Kit

This is intended to reduce all possible risks, damages, and injuries that can occur in a baseball game. It is an excellent package comprising of cutting edge components. It is set apart by Wilson ProMotion design that makes it fully responsive, hence, maximizes your movement.

Wilson Youth EZ includes an ABA grade helmet that aims to provide all-around protection against baseball bats and balls. The helmet is also equipped with vents to provide free air circulation. It ensures your head is not only protected but also remains cool.

It also features a standalone adjustable strap system that you can set for a snug fit. Besides, it has a quick-change technology meaning you can adjust it in a matter of seconds. It also has robust Velcro leg guard straps that give you a custom fit and function.

There are additional knee caps that provide extra coverage and reduce damages due to abrasion. It’s the best youth catching gear that is of excellent quality and suitable for you if you want to advance your skills.

Highlighted features
  • Quick Change technology 
  • Wilson’s ProMotion design 
  • Exclusive venting in the 
  • Made from the latest materials 
  • ABA-grade helmet 
  • Special design 

6. Mizuno Samurai Youth Baseball Catcher's Package

This set is composed of Samurai G4 helmet that provides superior head protection and comfort as well. The EVA foam padding combined with strategic ventilation system make this set comfortable and breathable.

The jaw pads are easy to adjust and feels very soft. In the inner side, it is equipped with DryLite technology to make it lightweight and durable. At the shoulder area are pre-curved straps that provide additional comfort and flexibility while you play.

The Velcro straps at the neck region are designed to provide additional maneuverability. The entire set is very lightweight, only 9 pounds. The knee padding is detachable so you can customize to get a superior fit. The set also features a professionally built quality.

Therefore, if you are looking for a stylish set, then Samurai Catcher’s set might be the perfect pick. It is an excellent gear that you can add to your arsenal. It is very durable and can withstand all impacts. It is one adored best youth catchers gear you can lay your hands on.

Highlighted features
  • Strategic ventilation systems 
  • EVA foam padding 
  • Durable steel frame
  • Detachable knee pad design 
  • AirMesh design 

7. Under Armour Youth UA PTH Victory Catching Kit

Professional league catchers prefer this catcher set for their practicing kids. It comes with a hockey-style mask that delivers all-round protection. The leg guards and chest protector provide excellent protection against injuries. Its leg guards measure 11.5 inches making them ideal for most 7-9 aged youths.

The chest protectors are also padded for additional comfort. The shoulder caps are fully adjustable meaning the user can set it to their desired sizes. It also has lightweight and highly breathable backing that make it feel great.

There is also the four-point adjustable harness for easy personalization. Under Armour Youth UA PTH also features an extra thick PE plastic that prevents cracking. The leg guards contain large venting holes that provides free air circulation. The helmet has an I-BAR steel cage that provides maximum visibility when playing.

Anyone looking for a set that offers complete protection can settle on Under Armour Catching Set. AEGIS Microbe Shield safeguards the health of the user by killing bacteria and eliminating bad odors. It is adorable in all aspects including styling and finishing. 

Highlighted features
  • 11.5-inch leg guards
  • Adjustable shoulder caps 
  • AEGIS microbe shield 
  • Shin plastic 
  • Moisture-wicking foam liner

8. All Star Youth League Series Catchers Gear Sets

This is a comprehensive package designed to provide maximum mobility to the catcher. It is the best catchers gear for teens that includes a helmet, leg guards, and ultra-lightweight chest protector.

There is a fully adjustable neck strap that makes the helmet fit pretty well. I-Bar steel cage adds safety and elevates the vision of the catcher.

All Star Youth Catchers Gear Sets also features hook and loop straps that enable the user to customize for a perfect fit for young players. The straps come in various sizes including 11.5 inch and 13 inches. The chest protector has a conventional rib design making it not only comfortable but also flexible.

This set also has a double knee design for improved protection. Its helmet has super sturdy ABS plastic construction for added durability and protection. What sets this package apart is the arched insteps in the leg guards. This makes it ideal for easy mobility when playing.

It is an excellent choice for young players aged 7-9 and 9-12. It comes in three different models so you can select the best that fits your needs.

Highlighted features
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Superior ABS plastic construction
  • Hook and loop leg guard straps
  • Conforming foam rib design 
  • 3-model sizes

9. MacGregor Youth Catchers Gear Pack

This is for the safety minded catchers. MacGregor suits players aged 8-12 who are still pedaling their way up the ladder. MacGregor Youth Catcher’s Set keeps the entire body protected with a high-quality and padded chest protector. It is also inclusive of double knee guards for added protection.

It is also inclusive of a 4-inch throat protector that maintain the neck and head safe. The MCB74 chest protector assures the player safe and confident play free from foul tips, dirt, and slippage. The straps are quality rubber that makes it fit and very comfortable.

With a weight of 8.237 lbs, this set makes the best pick for young adults. It is available in vast array of colors and has a patented overall design that makes it very stylish. It has an adjustable combo helmet that you can set to fit your head snugly.

It is composed of hard materials that render it one durable set. In case you love taking too long on the field playing, then this package is the ideal pick for you. It ensures that you are safe in all aspects.

Highlighted features
  • Adjustable combo helmet 
  • 4-inch throat protector 
  • Rubber padded chest protector 
  • A broad array of colors
  • Suitable youths aged 8-12

10. Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher Box Set

This is a great set designed for beginners who want to elevate their skills to pro level. It comes with a durable ABS shell helmet that provides superior head protection. The small helmet size makes it ideal for young youths. The chest protector comprises of a soft vinyl chin padding that makes it ultra-comfortable.

Furthermore, Easton Youth Black Magic Catcher’s set also features an incredible Velcro closure system attachment that is pretty simple to use. You can easily lock it to secure your head and face from all possible injuries. It also has double back adjustment technology that makes it great for beginners.

Leg guards come with protective PE shin plates that give you flexibility and freedom to move in all directions. It also features strategically located air venting systems that provide maximum ventilation.

This makes it ideal to use even in the roasting summer heat. There is also a steel face mask that provides protection without hindering vision. The protection it provides is uncompromised. It is a suitable set for youths aged between 9 and 12.

Highlighted features :
  • Sturdy ABS shell helmet 
  • Small design for youths
  • Dual back adjustment mechanism 
  • Leg guards with protective PE plates
  • Easy-to-use Velcro closure

What is in a catcher’s gear set?

1. Helmet

Baseball catcher’s helmet is designed to deliver full cranial protection. It from a solid shell with thick internal padding. Some helmets can be extended down to cover the neck, jaw, and throat. Good helmets don’t restrict visibility.

2. Chest protectors

These are highly padded sheets that protect the body and torso from missed catches, fouls and collisions. With a good chest protector, you can avoid instances such as broken ribs and bruises. Chest protectors come with secure straps at the back.

3. Leg guards

These are catcher’s best companion. It saves you as a catcher from scraping your feet. They are designed from durable plastics and have substantial padding for extra protection. They are made to combat all impacts and abuses.

Frequently asked questions and answers :

Q. Does the product come with a carry bag?

A. No, it does not come with an equipment bag

Q. Does the product resemble the one pictured?

A. Yes it is exactly as pictured

Q. Does it come with latch or Velcro leg guards?

A. The leg guards are latch

Q. what is the mask style?

A. It features a hockey style mask

Final Verdict

Shopping for the best youth catching gear can be a daunting task especially if you are a beginner. However, protection should come ahead of every other thing. It is essential to understand the key features to consider when shopping for one. Manufacturers have come with various brands with cutting edge features.

Therefore, as a catcher, it is paramount to buy the best that fits your playing needs. The above are the top rated youth catchers gear reviews to guide you. By selecting the right youth catching gear, you can make your game interesting. 


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