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Baseball is a very involving game which requires you to be stable, flexible and quick. And the quality of shoes you wear can have significant implications on your overall performance. However for you to enjoy maximum maneuverability, you need to find the best youth baseball cleats which are strong, easy and comfortable to put on and with the best traction.

Ideally, these are different types of baseball cleats or baseball cleat shoes that are specially designed to give you maximum flexibility, durability and comfort while playing. Luckily, some of the great youth baseball cleats are available on different online platforms.

Whether you are looking for your own baseball cleats or you want to purchase the best baseball cleats for youth for your child, you can always find them online. And the best thing is that they come in a range of colors, sizes and price ranges to choose from.

Quick Picks: Best Youth Baseball Cleats

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Best Youth Baseball Cleats

Top 10 Best Youth Baseball Cleats Reviews 

Whether you are a young baseball player or a parent looking for the quality youth baseball cleats to buy for your child, below are some of the top rated youth baseball cleats you can consider.

The reviews are based on some of the most unique features that make these products stand out from the rest.

1. Reebok Coopers-town MRT Baseball Shoes

Reebok Coopers-town MRT Baseball ShoesThese are the best baseball cleats for youth as per the 2017 reviews. They are lightweight and breathable shoes with a synthetic leather construction which are designed to enable you to run faster and exhibit exceptional maneuvers on the field without feeling any significant weight on your feet.

These lace-up baseball shoes also feature perforations for optimal breath ability, and a padded collar for easier wearing and taking off. Furthermore, Reebok Coopers-town MRT come with an EVA mid sole which offers springy, comfortable and responsive cushioning.

In addition, the twelve-spike configuration usually provides outstanding traction. The shoes have also been uniquely designed to offer you maximum durability, which means that you are always guaranteed of long-term service. They also feature a stylish and decent appearance and come at a very budget friendly price compared to other types of baseball cleat shoes.

Moreover, they are child-approved shoes which can be used by children of different ages whether they are younger or older children. Their tough and sturdy construction makes them suitable for use when playing other games such as tennis. These cleat shoes usually come in a wide range of colors and sizes to suit your needs and preferences.

Highlighted Features 
  • They are made of 90% leather, and 10% synthetic material 
  • They feature rubber soles 
  • Are lace-up shoes with contrast logo stripes at the sides 
  • Have EVA mid soles and 
  • 12-spike outsole configurations

2. Mizuno Youth-Franchise Seven Baseball Cleats

Mizuno Youth-Franchise Seven Baseball CleatsIf you would like to purchase great quality cleat shoes for your toddler, little or big kid, these will be the best shoes for you They are superior quality and innovatively designed shoes which offer maximum comfort and optimal performance, thanks to their synthetic sole which offers maximum traction and flexibility. They are unique products which are very easy to lace up so as to achieve the best fit and get the best support.

They are sneaker-like shoes which offer the best flexibility and are great for those children with “wider” feet. The shoes are very to clean and are not easily prone to dirt. Furthermore, their rubber stud offers maximum durability in different field types while their Mizuno wave Technology offers the best stability and cushioning while on the field.

The shoes are well-fitting and can be used on rocks and dirt without wearing off easily like other models. Their padded tongue and collar offers optimal comfort while their advanced 9-Spike outsoles increase their traction when playing. They are lace-up baseball cleats with logoed midsoles and tongues. Furthermore, these shoes are elegantly designed and will make the wearer to stand out from the rest.

Highlighted Features :
  • Made of quality synthetic leather 
  • Feature synthetic soles 
  • Lace-up cleats 
  • Padded tongue and collar 
  • Advanced 9-Spike outsoles 
  • Feature the Mizuno wave technology

3. Easton CX2 Boys Baseball Cleat Shoes

Easton CX2 Boys Baseball Cleat ShoesThis is another set of top rated youth baseball cleats that are uniquely designed to enhance your performance when playing. Featuring superior quality cleats in their soles, these shoes can help you to stay on your feet throughout the game.

Coming with double-sided inserts, the shoes are available in a wide range of color options to choose from. They are also made of great quality materials, which guarantees you optimal performance and long-term durability.

Furthermore, the inserts can be places on the outer side quite easily. Some of the color options that are available include; red, blue, neon-green, orange, yellow, gold, silver, pink and purple, hence you can always pick the color option which matches your baseball uniform or the one that suits your mood.

They are elegantly designed and nice looking shoes featuring rubber soles with great quality cleats for optimal stability and the best traction during the game. They also have padded tongues and foot-beds for optimal comfort.

Furthermore, their low silhouette/mesh lining enhances their breathability. If you are looking for great quality and comfortable shoes for your baseball match or practice, these will suit you best.

Highlighted Features: 
  • Are made of both fabric and synthetic materials. 
  • Feature Easton CX2 baseball cleats 
  • Come with five double-sided inserts 
  • Have padded tongues and foot-beds 
  • Low silhouette/mesh lining 
  • Have rubber soles

4. Mizuno Men's Nine-Spike Franchise Seven Low Baseball Cleat Shoes

Mizuno Men's Nine-Spike Franchise Seven Low Baseball CleatThese are great quality shoes which have been designed with unique features that are meant to enhance your performance by keeping you in the most ideal playing form regardless of the sport you are engaged in or the prevailing conditions. They have been developed to provide you with the best fit as well as feel for baseball.

Their padded tongue together with the full-length midsole are meant to provide you with superior comfort throughout the game. Besides ensuring maximum comfort, the rubber stud is also meant to provide you with long-term durability for different field types.

Furthermore, the advanced nine-spike outsole is also specially designed to offer superior traction and optimal comfort when playing. Just like other models, these shoes also come in a range of colors to match your needs or preferences and they have been developed to provide the best fit and feel for your baseball game.

Moreover, their full length midsoles ensure that you enjoy maximum comfort, while the rubber stud provides optimal comfort and durability for different field types. If you are looking for durable cleat shoes that will offer you the best when training or playing a baseball match, these shoes will suffice.

Highlighted Features:
  • Made of quality synthetic material 
  • Have advanced 9-spike out soles 
  • Feature padded tongues 
  • Full length mid soles and 
  • Rubber studs

5. The Adidas Performance Change-Up MD 2K 

The Adidas Performance Change-Up MD 2KThese are unique baseball cleat shoes featuring a padded collar which offers you optimal comfort and protection. They also come with a perforated toe box which helps in enhancing breath ability. The design also includes a full lace-up closure which ensures that you get a personalized fit.

Furthermore, their EVA midsole is made to deliver the best support and extra comfort while the molded rubber outsole is designed to deliver unparalleled traction. In addition, the superior quality shoes also feature the signature Adidas logo on the tongue as well as the sides.

Their rubber soles offer the best traction and maneuverability when playing. Whether you are playing softball or baseball the molded rubber outsoles offers the best traction, enabling the shoes to perform quiet well on either grass or dirt

The shoes are made of top quality synthetic leather and textile materials, which guarantee maximum durability and optimal comfort during the game. In addition, their synthetic leather and the textile upper allows you to easily change the color card inserts enabling you to customize your colors. The shoes also come in a range of sizes to fit different people.

Highlighted Features:
  • Made of synthetic leather and textile materials 
  • Have a perforated toe box 
  • Molded rubber outsoles 
  • Come with different color card inserts 
  • Also feature 3/4 ethylene vinyl acetate midsoles

6.  Under Armour UA Lead-off Low RM Jr Baseball Cleat Shoes

Under Armour UA Lead-off Low RM Jr Baseball Cleat ShoesThese are top quality baseball shoes that feature a full lace-up closure for a comfortable fit. Their padded tongue and collar make it much easier for you to wear and pull them off. Furthermore, their abrasion-resistant forefoot offer you maximum durability and protection.

On the other hand the A length midsoles are designed to deliver ultimate cushioning, shock absorption as well as cleat-pressure dispersion.  The combination of the UA engineered leather and the nubuck upper offers you optimal comfort and maximum durability while their abrasion-resistant toe piece is designed to deliver the best protection and maximum durability for the medial toe drag.

Furthermore, their meshed tongue enhances breath ability, while keeping your feet cool and dry. They are made with the rotational traction technology, which helps in improving your rotational capabilities for increased power and speed during the game.

For instance, the rubber-molded cleats with the rotational traction configuration offers exceptional comfort and traction and optimized rotational capabilities.

Another great advantage of these shoes is that they normally come in a wide range of colors and shoe sizes to choose from The shoes are also build to last you several seasons.

Highlighted Features:
  • Made of synthetic material 
  • UA-engineered leather & nubuck upper 
  • An abrasion-resistant toe piece 
  • Have a meshed tongue 
  • 3/4 length midsoles 
  • Rubber-molded cleats with rotational traction configuration

7. New Balance J-4040V3 Youth Baseball Cleat Shoes

New Balance J-4040V3 Youth Baseball Cleat ShoesThis is a set of quality cleats that are designed to help you achieve your goals when playing. They are made to perfectly fit you and offer you the best traction, comfort and balance when you are in the field.

For instance, they feature high performance rubber soles which are designed to enhance your flexibility while their meshed upper helps in enhancing their breath ability. They are two-tone baseball shoes featuring a patterned lining and an “N” logo with a meshed underlay. The best thing about these shoes is that you just need to lace them up in order to achieve the best fit.

Furthermore, they also come in different sizes hence you can always find those cleats that will match the size of your feet. These cleat shoes are wide and provide you with more room for your toe box. They are also much softer, which ensures less constricting and ensure optimal comfort.

To enhance their durability, these shoes are made using strong and quality synthetic materials. They are great pro looking cleats which can also be used by people wearing orthotics. They also come in a range of colors and to match your different outfits.

Highlighted Features:
  • Have a lace up mechanism
  • Feature rubber soles. 
  • Two-tone cleats with a patterned lining 
  • Have a meshed upper 
  • They are wider cleats

8. Nike Boys Huarache Key-stone 3/4 Baseball Cleats

Nike Boys Huarache Key-stone 3/4 Baseball CleatsIf you are searching for high-performance and elegant looking cleats that will give you the appearance of a pro player during your baseball match, these shoes will be the best. They are unique baseball cleat which are designed to offer you an excellent fit, provide superb cushioning and deliver the best traction while you are on the field.

The shoes are made of superior quality synthetic material which delivers the best performance and maximum durability. They are rigorously built and tough shoes which will give you may years of service while the Nike wording and logo gives that an elegant appearance which will make you stand out from other players.

The shoes are also perforated so as to ensure the best breathvability and added comfort. They are lightweight and comfortable shoes which will give you the flexibility you need while you are training or playing baseball. You just need to wear and lace them up to enjoy a perfect fit.

Furthermore, they also feature an effective Velcro fastening mechanism which ensures that the shoes are securely fastened on your feet for optimal maneuverability. In addition, the shoes come in different sizes to suit clients with different feet sizes

Highlighted Features:
  • Feature lace up 
  • Allow for Velcro fastening 
  • Come in different sizes 
  • Have the Nike wording and logo 
  • Lightweight and comfortable

9. Mizuno Men's Nine-Spike ADV Franchise 8BK Baseball Cleats

Mizuno Men's Nine-Spike ADV Franchise 8BK Baseball CleatsThis is another set of quality shoes that have are on this list of the best youth baseball cleats based on 2017 reviews. They are great quality shoes which are made of strong synthetic material which offers the best durability. The shoes feature a synthetic/rubber sole which will offer you the best traction when playing baseball.

Specially designed for use in baseball game, the design features rubber studs which are meant to provide you with the comfort you need and maximum durability for different field types. Their advanced nine-spike advanced outsoles are also meant to offer you the best traction when playing. Furthermore, their full-length midsoles will also give you comfort when you are in the field.

Their nine-spike outsoles are designed to offer the best performance during a baseball match, while their full length midsole also offers for maximum comfort. They also have the lace up mechanism to give you the best fit. The shoes also come in an array of colors and different sizes to suit your needs and are elegantly designed to give you a unique appearance while you are on the field.

Highlighted Features:
  • Made of synthetic materials 
  • Rubber/synthetic sole 
  • Rubber studs 
  • They have nine-spike outsoles 
  • Full length midsole and 
  • A lace up mechanism

10. Adidas Performance Wheel-House 2K Baseball/Softball Shoes

Adidas Performance Wheel-House 2K Baseball/Softball ShoesMade using high quality synthetic materials, these shoes are designed to give you the best performance when playing baseball or softball. They feature a high-performance and flexible rubber sole which offer you the best traction and enhance your maneuverability when training or playing.

They are great quality cleats which can perform quite well on dirt and even grass. Their grey camouflage molded outsoles provide durable traction while their synthetic leather and the textile upper will enhance your comfort when wearing the shoes.

And just like the previous model, they also feature the three quarter molded ethylene vinyl acetate midsoles for optimal cushioning and you are guaranteed of enjoying optimal comfort in these shoes. These shoes usually come in a range of colors such as black, white, metallic and silver to suit your needs.

They also come is a range of sizes, which means that you can also get those that fit you best and are known to be very lightweight and quite breathable. The high performance Adidas cleats can be used when playing either softball or baseball and can easily be laced up to give you the best fit.

Highlighted Features:
  • Made of synthetic/textile materials
  • Grey camouflage molded outsoles
  • Also feature synthetic leather and a textile upper 
  • 3/4 molded ethylene vinyl acetate midsoles and 
  • Are lightweight and breathable

How to Pick Out Baseball Cleats?

Types of Cleats

There are basically four main types of baseball cleats with different types benefit, which include;

A. Metal Cleats

These are unique types of cleats which deliver serious traction whenever you are shredding the baseline. The cleats have thin and sharp spikes which can easily punch into grass or hard dirt. They are uniquely designed to give you the type of grip you need when you are taking off or slowing.

B. Molded Plastic Cleats

These are versatile, comfortable and very durable baseball cleats which you can wear on different surfaces. They are strong and stable shoes featuring rubber or plastic cleats that are very slow to wear down. They are the best cleats to use when playing baseball under muddy or soft conditions.

C. Turf/Trainer Shoes

These are the best baseball shoes to use on artificial turf. The shoes are designed to deliver optimal stability, support and comfort when you are in training or playing. The shoes are made to provide the best grip for the hard artificial turf surface and do not tear up the surface like metal cleats.

D. Interchangeable Cleats

These are a combination of molded and metal cleats which give you the option of having one pair of cleats rather than two, which is particularly convenient if you play in different field conditions or leagues. Ideally, the cleats are usually attached with screws and they can easily be changed using the provided tool.

Frequently questions & answers:

Q. Is special care required for those cleat that are made of synthetic material?

A. No all you need to do when they are dirty is to brush them with a normal shoe brush or wipe them with a damp piece of cloth.

Q. Can cleat shoes be worn when playing soccer?

A. Typically the soccer rules do not always allow the use of shoes with front cleats so as to minimize injury to other players.

Q. What is the difference between big kid and little kid sizes?

A. The big kid sizes are mainly used by grade school, and elementary aged children, while little kids sizes are mainly suited for younger end children such as size 13 and bellow.

Q. What does the letter “M” in the shoe sizes stand for?

A. Medium size

Final Verdict

Most cleat brands are always working towards improving their current models so as to provide you with exceptional products that will meet your unique needs. For this reason, before purchasing your cleats, it is always important to know your needs so as to choose a product that will suit you best and help you to keep away from injuries.

For instance, you may want to consider the traction, size, comfort levels and the durability of the shoes. The above best youth baseball cleats reviews can be very instrumental in helping you to select the product that will suit your needs and give you long-term service.


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