Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves 2017

Are you a slowpitch softball player? Looking for Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves ?

If yes, then you clearly know how essential Slowpitch Softball Gloves is. The onset of a new season brings a vow of success only if you are well prepared with the right gear.

Softball pitching is a skill game that demands calculated thinking for you to uphold good playing standards. Remember that a good pitcher is by far better than a good hitter. Slow-pitch softball is entirely different from fast-pitch softball. In slowpitch softball, you use a circle grip to hold the ball by placing your hands on it then move it like a swinging pendulum.

Therefore, best softball gloves are the best arsenal that gives you a firm and steady grip. They are vital whether you are practicing or playing the actual game. As a slow-pitch softball player, you need to be aggressive in finding the best glove for slow pitch softball. However, shopping for one can be a tedious task if you are a newbie. Here is a short guide to tip you.

Comparison: Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves

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Best Slowpitch Softball Gloves

Top 10 best slowpitch softball gloves reviews

A bulk of information from everywhere combined with several brands on the market can end up confusing you on the type of slow pitch softball gloves to choose. Here are the top 10 products to consider.

1. Wilson A360 Series 14" Slowpitch Softball Glove

Wilson A360 Series 14It is an elite slow pitch softball pair of glove that comes in both left and right-hand orientation. It is made specifically for a serious softball player, and you want to heighten your game, then it is the right pick for you. It is a legendary brand that delivers championship performance’ from the unique features packed into it.

Being a leather-made brand means extra durability. You can be sure to use it for years. It provides all position use meaning it is a universal product suitable for players in all categories.

There is plenty of padding in this gloves meaning comfort is uncompromised. Integrated is a full pigskin leather palm and web design which adds comfort and flexibility. The quality of the skin gives it extra softness.

Besides, there is extra synthetic backing for added support and strength. The backing also provides a quick break-in time so you can make instant hits and throws. The 14-inch length makes these gloves the ideal size for both infield and outfield use.

Wilson A360 gloves are excellent for any slow pitch fielder seeking to play unrestricted by seasons and weather extremities. Moreover, it also incorporates a closed Weave Web construction for utility use.

For perfect fitting, Wilson A360 glove has a hook and loop wrist strap which is easy to adjust for a secure fit. Another notable feature is the incredible lightweight design that makes is feel smooth on your hands. If you are after a glove with perfect break-in time, feel and durability, then Wilson is the brand to go for.

Highlighted features
  • Closed Weave Web design
  • Full pigskin leather
  • Synthetic backing
  • Hook and loop wrist strap
  • Leather palm design

2. Rawlings Playmaker Series Glove,Black

Rawlings Playmaker Series GloveRawlings is a trusted partner for over a century in manufacturing high-end baseball equipment. Rawlings Playmaker Series gloves feature high-grade synthetic leather construction that makes them soft while giving you superior control in the field. US-tanned leather laces strongly hold the gloves together giving you a snug fit. The full-grain leather linings make your hands feel extra comfortable.

They are ideal for youths starting out as well for adult recreational use. Additionally, it features Rawlings Basket Web Design which creates a flexible pocket perfect for control and hassle-free catching. The design also adds flexibility and strength so it can sustain massive plays, throws, and catches. The areas around the palm and index finger are cushioned to reduce shock and impact.

Therefore, you won’t feel any impact even on hard throws. It also eliminates those annoying stings that come from hard throws and hits. Furthermore, there are excellently woven Velcro straps that deliver a personalized fit on your hands. They are perfect if you prefer snugly fitting gloves. It also features a palm perfection design that makes it suitable for players looking to hone their throws and catches.

Rawlings Playmaker is available for both the left-hand and right-hand throwers. Apart from the Velcro straps is the wrist adjustment feature. It enables you to get a custom and personalized fit. Its sizing is outstanding and assures several years of use.

Rawlings Playmaker Series come in several sizes so you can choose your best fit. If you need gloves with solid craftsmanship, then go for Rawlings Playmaker.

Highlighted features
  • Basket web design
  • wrist adjustment
  • Velcro strap
  • Pad cushioning
  • Dexterity

3. Mizuno MVP GMVP1300S2 13" Adult Utility Slowpitch Softball Glove

Mizuno MVP GMVP1300S2Durability is one of the top factors to consider when buying a new glove. Mizuno GMVP is unrivaled regarding durability. It is made of quality Bio Throwback Leather which is soft and pebbled for extra performance. Palm areas are lined with ultra-soft material with excellent finishing making it very smooth.

Thanks to the latest technology including the PowerClose, V-Flex, and ParaShock that give you maximum comfort. It means you can perform quick catches. The ParaShock Palm Padding help absorb shock that can cause nuisance in your throws and hits.

The padding not only reduces ball impact but also eliminate stings. The design featured is of its kind i.e. Tartan Finch Web pattern. It makes it very attractive while providing you better ball handling.

Additionally, the design calls for no break-in at all. Mizuno is the easiest glove to use. In fact, it fits very comfortably and securely onto your hand. If you are playing the infielder position, then it is the most appropriate pick to go for.

Again, if you are an occasional outfielder, it also does best. The outer part is professionally colored and softened to feel great whenever you touch.

One unique feature with this glove is that it retains flexibility and softness even after several uses. You will find it suitable for all your needs as it comes in both left and right-hand options.

Again, it never slides, unlike most cheap brands. If you are considering durability, comfort, and affordability, then this glove balances them all.

Highlighted features
  • Bio Throwback Leather
  • Right and Left hand throw use
  • Excellent Padding
  • Ultra soft palm liner
  • Durability

4. Easton Alpha Series 14" Slowpitch Softball Glove

Easton Alpha Series 14Are you a serious outfield seeking to revolutionize your skills? If yes, then this should be your real-time glove. It comes with a tumbled buffalo leather that has been tanned soft ideal for a sweet play. For comfort, this glove has a VRS padding that eliminates sting while giving your extra comfort.

This structure is also an excellent one if you want to reduce stings while preserving the comfort and overall feel. The padding absorbs all shock and impacts giving you a smooth playing experience. There are full-grain leather laces to fit your gloves securely. Easton Alpha Series 14″ also includes strategically placed meshes that drastically cuts down weight leaving it lightweight.

You will also love the Closed Traditional Woven Web design that provides an exclusive catching area of this glove. The web design is also suitable if you want to shield your grips from your opponents jealously. Again, the very minimal break-in renders this glove the most desirable.

The biggest impression you will notice in this glove is how it is made. It is one sturdily constructed pair that never gets damaged with ease. You will also feel in your hand how solid it is and how great it is. In fact, you will experience better execution whenever it is in your hands.

The craftsmanship it features shows that it is made for serious professional players. Concerning hand orientation, it comes in right-hand throw and left-hand throw. You never lose comfort or sacrifice performance whenever you have this glove. The lining is ultra-soft but very strong. Make an impact on your game today with Easton Alpha Series.

Highlighted features
  • Right hand and left-hand throw
  • VRS palm padding
  • Full grain leather laces
  • Closed Traditional Woven Web design
  • Minimal break-in

5. Wilson Showtime Slowpitch Glove

Wilson Showtime Slowpitch GloveThis is a large 14-inch slow pitch glove model ideal for older and experienced players. It also features an all-position pattern which makes it a versatile pick. It means you can take it with you to any field of your choice.

The first notable feature is the double palm construction that adds pocket reinforcement, making the Wilson Showtime glove one of the strongest options around. Its pocket is designed with a dual welting technology to improve durability.

Nevertheless, the full leather construction feels great and makes it endure all forms of abuse without losing quality. It remains in tip top shape even after multiple uses.

Another unique thing is the triple laced web design. It makes it aesthetically appealing while remaining functional. You just need to adjust it to hold snugly onto your hands. Its appearance is dark brown and blonde that makes it great in camouflaging.

When you buy this glove, you will never experience embarrassments such as winter break-ins and sore knuckles resulting from punches. If you are that bad hop grounder, then this is a forgiving partner you can pick as it features a low-profile heel design that will save you considerably.

Additionally, you also get a decent one-year warranty from the manufacturer when you buy this glove. It is exclusively made for the slowpitch softball players. Experience the difference in your game with a glove with a reputable company. It comes in perfect sizing, so you can choose the best that match your specifications.

Highlighted features
  • Double Palm design
  • Full leather construction
  • Triple lace
  • All position pattern
  • One-year warranty

6. Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred Gloves

Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred GlovesYou just can’t miss admiring these gloves due to a variety of reasons whether you are an infielder or a pitcher. It features stylish slow pitch softball patterns that make it appear stylish and highly functional. A right-hand and left-hand throw make it the ideal suitable for any orientation you want.

The laces are full-leather grain meaning they perfectly hold your gloves in place regardless of the impact and shock you go through. The leather shell also provides easy break-in while maintaining proper shape.

Alongside the leather, laces are adjustable pull straps that provide additional support keeping your laces in place. The back of these gloves is modified to give a conventional design. Furthermore, there is a Zero Shock Palm Pad that absorbs all shock from irregular hits and throws.

The perfect fit delivers an incredible control and balance. It fits all hands snugly allowing perform your pitching skills in an exceptional manner. Again, if you love indulging in quick and catch games, then this “Rawlings Sporting Goods” pair of gloves will be a perfect choice. It is created to be used by players of all ages and skill levels.

The eye-catchy overall structure plus the thick leather construction will surely lure you. At the back of the gloves is Rawlings’ which is the mark of the pros. If you want stylish gloves while not sacrificing comfort and performance, then Rawlings will spice up your game to a great extent. It never loses shape even after years of repeated use.

Highlighted features
  • Oiled leather shell
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Full-grain leather
  • Zero Shock Palm Pad
  • Easy Break-in

7. Easton Salvo Mesh Series Slowpitch Softball Glove

Easton Salvo Mesh Series Slowpitch Softball GloveEaston Salvo Mesh Glove brings you a combination of high-grade and durable 365 Cowhide leather with a mesh design. This renders it one lightweight glove that is also very flexible. With Easton Salvo glove, you can play in any position of the field. The cowhide leather gives it a sustainable structure that makes it appear professional.

Also in the design is the double deep palm that gives it a deeper and wider pocket. To securely fit your glove, you use the redesigned lock down wrist strap. Therefore, your glove never slides or slips whenever you are playing.

Featured again is a VRS palm padding to absorb all shock and impacts for smooth play. The webbing style is an H-type which gives you better control over the ball. The style also enables you to transfer the ball promptly meaning you can execute faster plays especially if you are an outfielder.

For the back or the wrist enclosure, this glove presents a closed design to give you additional support when catching the ball. Easton Salvo is best suited for the outfielder position. It is a versatile glove suitable for both hands i.e. left, and right-hand throws.

If you don’t like those bulky gloves that don’t fit well, then Easton Salvo can make a difference to you. The Velcro straps give you a perfect fit regardless of the size of your hand. It also comes with a very affordable price tag. Substitute those cheap brands with this functional pick that still never sacrifice comfort and durability.

Highlighted features
  • High-grade Cowhide leather
  • Lightweight design
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • VRS palm padding
  • H-type web design

8. Wilson A360 Series 14 Inch WTA03RS16 14 Slowpitch Softball Glove

Wilson A360 Series 14 Inch WTA03RS16This is a 14-inch slow pitch glove model that provides a unique performance. It is a versatile glove suitable to use in all playing positions. It features a split Hinge web design to allow you enjoy a custom and better control of the ball. With this, you will never worry about the skills your opponent has.

Wilson A360 is available in both right, and left-hand throws. Those who have tried this glove will concur that it is a special slow pitch softball glove. This is a highly versatile glove you can’t miss to grab. You will never lose the game easily whenever you have it on your hands.

For secure and snug fit, adjust the Velcro wrist strap. A closed web design gives it a perfect and tight lacing meaning it never slides or slips off your hands. Closed web design is what most pro infielders, outfielders, and pitchers prefer. You too can upgrade your game with this trendy glove.

The palm area features a genuine leather with Pro-Tech padding. This makes it ultra-soft and comfortable. Thus, cases of blisters and sores resulting from hard throws and hits will be all forgotten. If you are currently battling with troubled blister hands, then Wilson A360 is the best option recommended for you.

Do not allow cheap glove rob you of your comfort anymore when you can get an incredible glove. This glove can serve you for decades as its durability is guaranteed. Get the right-sized glove that can serve you as you want.

Highlighted features
  • Versatile glove
  • 14-inch length
  • Closed weave web design
  • Multi-position play
  • Velcro wrist straps

9. Louisville Slugger 12.75-Inch FG 125 Series Softball Infielders Gloves

Louisville Slugger 12.75-Inch FG 125 Series Louisville is again at it with an excellent quality glove. If you are a stern infielder, then Louisville Slugger Softball glove should never miss in your backpack gear. Featured is an oil-treated cowhide leather which enables the glove to deliver a superior feel making it easy on your hands.

The leather also provides quick break-in; thus you can perform faster throws and hits. It is a perfect option to consider whether you are doing a simple practice or going for a weekend monster game. Its sleek all back design is the other notable feature in this glove that adds more support for sure catches.

Louisville Slugger FZ is available at 12.75 inches which are a versatile size for most players as it is never too tight or large. The size is excellent for the players in the infielder position. It is ideal for the left-hand throws. With a combination of classic design and cutting-edge technology, Louisville Slugger remains one of the impressive gloves you can try.

It is an all-rounded glove that has become iconic both in performance and appearance. You can use it regardless of your skill level. It is very simple to use in fact; it comes when ready to use making it a stand-alone glove.

Since it is made of great material, you can be assured of several years of use without compromising its appearance and quality. It delivers more than satisfactory results despite its affordability. Give it a try and experience the difference in your game this season.

Highlighted features
  • 12.75-inch size
  • Oil-treated cowhide
  • Suited for infielder
  • Quick break-in
  • Durable

10. Wilson A2000 Dual Post Slow-Pitch Softball Glove

Wilson A2000 Dual Post Slow-Pitch Softball GloveIf you want to experience how it feels to have the most famous glove on your hand, then give this a try. It has top notch craftsmanship. This is why it is adored by thousands of MLB players from around the world.

Wilson A2000 feature a Pro Stock leather construction that keeps it in shape despite the type of use exposed, environmental conditions or impact. It also provides an easy Break-in rendering it one standalone glove.

Experts recommend it as a perfect companion for all the hard working players. The advantage with this glove is that it is made especially for the slow-pitch players. The lacing is ultra-soft, and if you’ve got sensitive skin, then it is worth it. The SuperSkin construction cuts down the overall weight of this glove by half making it very light.

There is also the adorable finger wraps that fit correctly thus ensuring no break points in your glove. The dual welting design gives it a tough pocket that handles all impacts. The hand orientation is undisputed as it allows you for both the right-hand and left-hand throws.

Again, if you have sweaty hands, Wilson A2000 glove contains a Drilex wrist lining that has moisture wicking property to keep your hands cool and dry in the hot baking summer heat. The length of this glove is considerably long enough to give you extended reach when in the field.

From the first glance, the Pro Stock patterns on this glove with surely lure you. If you want to upgrade your game, start with Wilson A2000.

Highlighted features
  • Drilex-wrist lining
  • SuperSkin construction
  • Pro Stock leather
  • Ultra-soft laces
  • Dual welting design

Construction material used to make slowpitch softball gloves

When buying fastpitch softball gloves or slowpitch softball gloves, it is recommended to look closely at the material used. You should never get lost because the best and most adored slowpitch softball gloves are the leather-made brands.

Some high-end brands use best quality leather like walnut crunch’ leather which is a reliable material. Leather gloves are good because they conform to the shape of your hands. If you are a beginner, you may need to consider synthetic ones for practice purposes.

Differences Between Fastpitch and Slow Pitch Gloves

Frequently asked questions :

Q. Is the full glove leather?

A. Yes, it is full cowhide leather.

Q. Do I get any warranty?

A. Yes, you enjoy a generous one-year warranty

Q. Do I have to make sure it is left hand or right hand?

A. Yes, Make sure it is left or right before ordering.

Q. Is the glove really durable?

A. It is durable provided you store it well after use.

Final Verdict

Choosing the right gloves for your slowpitch softball game can be quite challenging if you don’t understand the features to consider. The material, size, back, wrist adjustment, web design, and price are some of the factors you may take into account before settling on one.

Moreover, you may need to consider several brands to make a comparison of the right one that best suits you. Remember the position you play also determine the glove you can buy. The best slowpitch softball glove can bring a whole difference in the quality of your game. The above are the best slow pitch softball glove reviews to guide you. Get the best in advance.


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