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Being a great baseball player is all about honing your skills both in fielding and hitting. Becoming a better hitter is largely about consistency and mastering a style of swinging that favors your body type for maximum results. The best thing that you can do in order to discover, and further hone this awing style and consistency, is to purchase a pitching machine. Getting the best pitching machine starts with understanding your Options and then determining which of these is best suited for your needs and your purposes.

Given that the various common varieties of these machines offer numerous functions and settings, finding a particular machine that tailored to your individual needed areas of improvement should not be difficult. Below you will be better introduced to what a device like this does, the various types that you have to choose from, and also a list of the top rated pitching machines options out there.

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Top Ten Best Pitching Machines Reviews 

1. Trend Spots Poweralley Pro Real Baseball Pitching Machine

Trend Spots Poweralley Pro Real Baseball Pitching MachineThis product from Trend Sports Is a great tool for those that are just getting acclimated to using a machine for pitching. This is not always an easy transition to make, especially if you or your child is completely accustomed to customary coach or player pitching.

While this might not have the jaw dropping, break neck speeds of some of the other top rated machines that are on the market, you aren’t getting that steeper price tag that comes along with those advanced devices either. Using Light balls in lieu of traditional baseballs can get the delivery upwards of 60 MPH, which is more than adequate for consistency training and developing hand eye condition.  

The machine is able to hurl actual baseballs upwards of 45 MPH, which can help beginner/intermediate hitters to develop accuracy and their form for straight pitches. The single wheel design allows for accurate and consistent pitches every time.

This kind of design makes this particular machine ideal for more than just training your hitters, as it can be adjusted to help fielders to  identity and consistently grab grounders and pop files. The machine is housed inside of a fiberglass and nylon casing, which keeps all of ifs working parts safe from the elements.

In addition it adds some ease of mind to those manually feeding the balls into the machine, which can be a little intimidating to do on an exposed single wheel machine.

Highlighted Features:
  • Hurls Light balls up to 60 MPH and baseballs up to 45 MPH consistently.
  • Casing protects loader and machine simultaneously.
  • Single wheel design hurls balls accurately and consistently.
  • AC power means no stoppage for battery changes.
  • Ideal for form training, bathe consistency and fielding.

2. Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching MachineThe Hack Attack line from Sports Attack features some of the most innovative and highly rated pitching machines on the planet. If you want the best pitching machine, this is one of the models that have to be in contention. For this particular model, there are several things that can turn the head of any coach or player. For starters, this model can pitch up to 100 MPH.

But more than just throwing hard and accurate fastballs, this machine is able to offer consistent strikes from a simulated left handed or right handed pitcher. Much like the Rawlings Pro Line 3, the Hack Attack from Sports Attack features a unique 3 wheeled design that allows for Instantaneous and simple adjustments to each and every pitch that the machine throws.

This Impressive model also boasts the ability to throw virtually any pitch that exists even on the professional level of play. This means that the machine can handle fastballs, curveballs, split finger pitches, sliders and more all at break neck speeds.

This is also a great tool to use for both your infield and outfield players, as it can simulate pop ups, grounders, line drives and fly balls up to 380 feet away. This is a truly versatile machine that can be used in every aspect of your practice facility.

Highlighted Features:
  • 3 wheel design gives you control over each pitch
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Innovative design makes it a challenging tool for fielding
  • Throws nearly virtually every kind of pitch
  • Hurls upwards of 100 MPH

3. Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Pitching Machine

Franklin Sports MLB Electronic Pitching MachineThe Franklin Sports machine is really a versatile device for youth level players. This is very low key machine that is easy to use, and can be preloaded with balls to offer a solo user experience.

If you are responsible to get a group of little leaguers whipped into batting shape, or to field grounders, this machine can actually really be a big help with their confidence levels in later games.

The machines Itself Is among the cheapest that you are likely to see in the realm of pitching machine, and this is Likely due to some of its perceived weaknesses. While not everyone might appreciate that this machine doesn’t use actual baseballs, youth baseball training is often done with plastic balls.

If you are looking to train on things like hand/eye coordination and the form of the hit, this plastic ball hurler will give you all that you can hope for and more.

At the most, this Franklin machine peaks at 45 MPH with Iight plastic balls. You can interchange these balls with similar styles of the Iight plastic baseball sized options available, which makes it a little more versatile.

The pitching machine itself comes with 6 balls to use with it, which is very rare for highly regarded pitching machines of any brand. This makes the price even more reasonable than it already was.

Highlighted Features:
  • Load up to 8-0 balls M once for numerous etches before reloading.
  • Battery powered for ultimate mobility.
  • Includes 6 balls to being using the machine right away.
  • Up to 45 MPH etches with Iight balls.
  • Small design adds to portability.

4. First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine

First Pitch Baseline Pitching MachineA single wheel design might be popular in the world of pitching machines, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the machine is going to be a long lasting sound investment.  

What you can trust In Is pitching machine reviews and ratings all over the Internet, and the First Pitch Baseline Pitching Machine Is a very highly regarded model for a number of differed reasons.

For starters, this is a machine that is designed not only to give you a consisted and accurate baseball pitch, but It Is also able to be used with softballs.

This cannot be said for a lot of the machines that are out there, as many of even the top brands tend to design their machines to the precise specifications of baseball sizing, which means that softballs simply don’t function  In the machines.

This is lightweight machine that is also a versatile tool for your fielding practice efforts. While the machine is able to deliver straight pitches upwards of 70 MPH consistently, imagine how this can translate into fielding scenarios with just a simple turn of the throwing head. If that isn’t enough, you can feel even better about investing into this machine when you consider the Impressive five year warranty that comes along with its purchase.

Highlighted Features:
  • Up .70 MPH straight pitch.
  • Ideal for use with either baseballs or softballs.
  • Great fielding machine as well as batting trainer.
  • Five years warranty.
  • Lightweight and portable

5. JUGS Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and Softball

JUGS Lite-Flite Machine for Baseball and SoftballJUGS has been making quality pitching machines and accessories for decades, and so their inclusion on a list of the best single models of pitching devices isn’t surprising. This particular model is ideal for really any level of player looking to improve on their hitting consistency or to improve on their hitting form in a range of pitch types.

The machine has the ability to throw upwards of 85 MPH with all of 1ts pitch options, positioning the batter 25 feet away from the machine. Speaking of these various pitch types, this powerful machine is able to not only provide the fastball that single wheeled options typically would, but it also gives more complex and advanced pitch types like sliders and curve balls coming from a simulated left handed or right handed pitcher.

This JUGS model allows for numerous Iightweight balls to be loaded into it at once, which is ideal for the solo hitter who wants to get numerous swings in before the necessary reloading.

A simple turn of the dial is all that it takes to adjust the pitch speeds, which makes this transition quick and easy, and allows if to be completely adjustable by skill levels and needed areas of batting development for an entire team of players.

Highlighted Features:
  • 2 Year Warranty.
  • Pitches upwards of 85 MPH from 25 feet away.
  • Left or right handed fastball, slider and curve ball pitches.
  • Preload balls for solo work.
  • Powered by rechargeable battery.

6. Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

Rawlings Pro Line 3 Wheel Baseball Pitching MachineThe Rawling Pro Line 3 is possibly one of the most heavily used pitching machines throughout high school, collegiate and professional baseball training facilities.

The brand is one that any baseball player is certain to recognize to begin with, so you can be assured that this company has a great understanding of what a pitching machine needs to do and how It needs to perform In order to be truly remarkable.

But it isn’t brand or a lot of hype from the pitching machine reviews; it’s all in the design of the device itself. Some have single wheels which offer a set feature; others have dual wheels which offer a little more.

This Rawlings model offers 3 wheels which allow you to control each pitch Iike no other pitching device has ever done before. With this third wheel, you can modify the break, speed and control of each and every pitch thrown.

While there are machines that can offer almost any pitch you can think of, this machine guarantees that if can throw any pitch imaginable from any angle. Not only that, but it can consistently do this at speeds upwards of 100 MPH on applicable pitches. This makes it one of the fastest possible machines that exist on the planet, not to mention the versatility in the delivery and wide range of pitching options.

Highlighted Features:
  • 5 years warranty.
  • Throw any pitch from any angle.
  • Speeds up to 100 MPH.
  • Innovative controls allow for tweaking of every pitch.
  • Third wheel in the design allows user to control every aspect of every pitch.

7. SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine - Baseball Trainer

SKLZ Catapult Soft Toss Machine - Baseball TrainerThe SKLZ Catapult machine is an entirely different kind of pitching machine to be Included on this Iist of the greatest pitching devices on the market right now.

While most of these products featured above and below are all about speed and attuned accuracy, this soft toss machine is more about allowing a hitter or a fielder to adjust to a height and to still find the ball In spite of this changing.

This is a highly portable machine as It Is both lightweight and pretty small In comparison to the other pitching machines that are as highly regarded as this one is out there. What this means is that it can easily transition into multiple practice scenarios for each player on your team.

This pop up machine is as good for helping to make better infielders as it is to improve the hand/eye coordination and accuracy of each hitter as they spend time with the machine.

This is not a manual feed machine and it has a sleeve that can hold 8 regular baseballs at once. Once it is started, a ball will pop up to a designated height and arc every 8 seconds. This means that the 8 balls can go through quickly, and reloading is as simple as dropping new balls into the machine and the action resumes. This can help you move through this drill quickly, even with a larger team to work one on one with.

Highlighted Features:
  • Sleeve holds up to 8 baseballs
  • Toss up design Improves hand/eye coordination and reaction times
  • Completely portable and lightweight
  • Runs on NC adapter or on 13 batteries
  • Can toss a ball up to 25 feet

8. Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching machine

Sports Attack Junior Hack Attack Baseball Pitching machineA truly versatile and powerful practice tool has arrived. The Sports Attack Junior model of their Hack Attack is one of the greatest tools for your practice. This dual wheeled device offers some of the most Intricate types of pitches without missing a beat.

You can have even the most advanced of batters trying their hand at tricky pitches Iike sliders, knuckleballs and curve balls.

Each of these pitches can be hurled upwards of 70 MPH, which means that  this is a machine that is as good for youth baseball advanced hitting  up to the collegiate and professional levels of batters.

As If the range in pitches (nearly every single pitch that exist In fact) was not enough, the machine can add a lot to all the other areas of your practice as well. With a ample movement of the throwing head, your machine Is now In an ideal position to better train fielders to collect ground balls, stopping and fielding line drives, nabbing pop ups and even fielding hard shots upwards of 250 ft. Into the outfield.

Perhaps one of the most alluring features of the machine, beyond all of ifs features and functions that Is, Is the ability to easily break it down and transport it within a small space. This machine can easily be transported in a compact car, so It Is sure to fit in any coaches’ trunk to go wherever It might be needed.

Highlighted Features:
  • Hurls squally any etch 70 MPH or faster.
  • Ideal for all skill levels.
  • Perfect fielding machine as well as pitching machine.
  • Portable and Lightweight.
  • 5 year warranty.

9. Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching Machine

 Louisville Slugger UPM 45 Blue Flame Pitching MachineThere are few brands in the world of baseball that carry the kind of instantaneous recognition that Louisville Slugger does. With their line of pitching machines their credibility with bat design and production has a chance to shine.

For being Innovators of professional grade baseball bats, the company has to know quite a good bit about the process of that ball getting to the bat.

One of the Innovative features of this particular machine though is the fact that it can throw any type of ball that you put into it. Any ball at all. It has even been tested using soccer balls volleyballs, though that really isn’t the point. This arm style pitching machine Is actually deemed the official machine of Pony baseball and Babe Ruth League events.

Since it is completely a manual design that uses a mechanical spring loaded arm for delivery, it doesn’t need a power source In order to work. On top of this, the machine Is very light weight In comparison to many of the other aforementioned products to come before it, making it easy for anyone to move and set up wherever it needs to be.

This is a great choice for those looking for a quality machine for a league pitcher, but also can be a very great and inexpensive practice implement for yourself or your team.

Highlighted Features:
  • Lightweight and Easy To Use
  • Throws any kind of ball
  • Can hurl baseballs up to 45 MPH
  • Accurate and reliable
  • Requires no power to use

10. Jugs MVP Baseball Pitching Machine

Jugs MVP Baseball Pitching MachineThis JUGS machine might not be the fastest or most versatile machine that they have In their long line of products, but for Its demographic and featured function, it Is among the very best available In the world.

Marketed to be ideal for players ranging from 8-12 years old, this machine offers pitches that range in speeds from 20 MPH up to 52 MPH.

While the entire system is meant to throw consistent and accurate pitches, this is for a multitude of reasons. Primarily new hitters are apprehensive about being with a pitch, or the unpredictability of the pitch itself.

A machine pitches consistent medium speed pitches directly through the batter’s box allows a hitter to gain confidence coming up to the plate each time.

This unit sees a lot of use in machine-pitching leagues (leagues that have removed the physical pitcher and replaced them with an automated system rake this one). While the range of pitches Is little more than a presumed fastball, the accuracy and consistency of the machine provide a uniform experience for each and every player that comes up to the batter’s box throughout each and every game.

This machine comes with an impressive five year warranty, which means that even with its mid-range price tag, you aren’t going to be questioning the longevity of your investment.

Highlighted Features:
  • Ideal for machine-pitch leagues.
  • Straight etches up to 52 MPH.
  • Perfect for new hitters and developing batters.
  • Recommended for 8-12 year old players.
  • Hurls real baseballs.
  • Easy to use and move.

Pitching Machine Demo

Pitching Machine Types

  1. Wheeled Machines

These products rely on rubber wheels to hurl baseballs or softballs at speeds ranging from usually around 25 mph upwards of 70-80 depending on the mode. There are two main style choices with wheeled machines, one offering more features than the other.

  • Single Wheel Machines

These machines traditionally only offer the option of the straight pitch, but its ranges in speeds could make it a handy machine for training against the fastball and changeup. In addition, these machines offer a good (and often more affordable) solution to honing your batting style.

  • Dual Wheel Machines.

Dual wheeled machines offer the same kind of options that you could expect from the single wheel variety.  In addition to the straight pitches that vary in speed, the second wheel adds complete versatility. You can simulate any pitch, left or right handed with one of these machines.

  1. Compressed Air Machines

Compressed air varieties of pitching machines are often among the most portable of the machines that will later be listed. These often run off a battery power, or require little stable electrical input to maintain their consistency and accuracy. Typically, the primary models of consumer use rarely exceed a 70-75 MPH cap on their hurl.

  1. Armed (Arm Style)

As you might have guessed, these machines have a literal arm that accurately throws (overhand) balls at the batting box. These machines can have a high delivery rate, often offering upwards of an 85 MPH delivery speed. While these are often the heaviest and least mobile units available, they are durable and tend to outlast some of the more tech-involved varieties.

FAQs :

Q. Is this a good product for developing hand/eye coordination?

A. Batting focuses a lot on hand/eye coordination. Each of these pitching machines listed are ideal for training a batter to spot the ball and to react at the right time.

Q. Can I use the pitching machine for fielding practices?

A. Each of the models that are listed  within this article are ideal for fielding practice, depending on the model In question, some are even able to simulate  Outfield shots as well as grounders, pop ups, and line drives.

Q. Is this accurate 100% of the time?

A. While most of these machines boast a very high level of accuracy and consistency, none of them are 100% accurate each and every throw. Every model listed however, should sit somewhere in the 99% area for accuracy and consistency, however.

Q. Is this product going to last?

A. Most of these products come with warranties lasting several years. It would be unwise from a business standpoint to guarantee a product to last several years when it wouldn’t be actually expected to. Each of the aforementioned machines should last upwards of five years or better with the proper maintenance and care.

Best Pitching Machine

Final Verdict

These are the top 10 best baseball pitching machine options that exist out there. While there are certainly other machines out there that are a high caliber, these show the versatility of the different styles and designs, and each one stands out.  Depending on your budget, your needs and skill level, any one of these could be the ideal choice for your training.


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