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Buying the best little league bats for your child is a very important process that requires understanding of your child’s hitting ability and knowledge about little league rules. The length and diameter of these little league bats is different from the bats that are used in professional baseball leagues.

Their weight or mass is also less compared to the bats that are used by bigger players. There is no standard size or price of little league bats because there are different types of them in the market that are provided by different manufacturers.

When looking for the right one to buy, do not simply go for the cheapest one even if you are on a limited budget. Your focus should be on the quality and performance of the bat. When your child uses it on the baseball field, they should feel like it is helping them in good way. They should have great things to say about it.

Quick Picks: Best Little League Baseball Bat

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Best Little League Bats

Little league Bat Rules

For a bat to be used in little league, it must be a baseball bat that meets the specifications and standards of this league. It should be a smooth and rounded stick that is made of metal or wood.

A little league bat cannot be more than 33 inches long. Its diameter is supposed to be 2 1/4 inches or less. A little league bat that is not made of wood should be properly labeled with a bat performance factor of 1.15 or less.

Here are sizing charts that can be helpful:




5-6 Years


7-8 Years


9-10 Years


12-13 Years




Barrel Size

Drop Weight

Bat Type


2 ¼” with up to 32” length

Up to -13



2 ¼” with up to 32” length

Up to -13



2 ¼” with up to 32” length

Up to -13

Aluminum & Composite


2 5/8” or open

Up to -10

Aluminum & Composite


2 5/8”


Aluminum & Composite

Top 10 Little League Baseball Bat Reviews

To make things easier for you when you are looking for a little league baseball bat for your child, here are top 10 little league bat reviews.

1. Easton MAKO COMPOSITE Youth Baseball Bat

Easton MAKO COMPOSITE Youth Baseball BatThe performance at the plate of your young baseball player will be enhanced when they use this bat. This is because of the massive sweet spot and the unmatched speed that the bat features. Being a product of Easton, you cannot have any doubts about when it comes to performance.

The patented two-piece ConneXion technology that it is made with isolates the barrel from the handle to maximize energy transfer. This technology also helps in reducing vibration. Comfort in the hands of the young baseball player will be guaranteed as they swing this bat. This is made possible by the cushioned hyperskin grip that the handle features.

This Easton Mako bat is also designed with exclusive Thermo Composite Technology that will give your child the benefits of having more barrel in the hitting zone. They will have enough speed to drive the baseball from line to line.

The bat is available in a number of sizes to allow you to choose the right one depending on the age of your child. It is a great youth baseball bat that will last for long if proper use is observed.

You will not start noticing marks or cracks on it after a few months of using it But in case you notice any defects on the bat after buying, you do not need to worry because it comes with a warranty.

Highlighted Features: 
  • Thermo Composite Technology for fastest swing speeds 
  • Patented 2-piece ConneXion technology for optimized feel 
  • Cushioned hyperskin grip for softer feel 
  • Large sweet spot 
  • Great bat speed

2. Louisville Slugger YBAR152 Youth 2015 Armor (-12) Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger YBAR152This is a good, solid little league bat that is lightweight and looks great. It is made from a slightly higher grade of aluminum compared to most entry-level bats. So when you buy it for your child, you can rest assured that you are making a worthwhile investment.

It will last longer as long as your child uses and maintains it properly. The standard aluminum alloy that is used in most budget bats is 7046. The aluminum alloy used in this bat is 7050 aluminum, which happens to be about 33 percent stronger compared to 7046.

Louisville Slugger YBAR152 is one of the top rated little league baseball bats because it is beautifully balanced and works the way that it should. It is perfect for children that fall within the age bracket of 7 to 11 years.

Even if your child is on the smaller side or does not have a lot of muscle, they will be able to swing this bat easily. They will swing it comfortably and control it easily because of the tapered handle that it is equipped with It is more of a traditional bat but with the performance that the latest modern bats feature.

It does not dent easily and the tape will not come off after using it many times. For the money, it is a great little league bat will do its job well as long as your child does theirs. It will be around for quite a number of years.

Highlighted Features: –
  • Barrel size: 2 1/4 inches 
  • performance 7050 aluminum alloy 
  • 7/8 inch tapered handle 
  • One-piece frame design 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Sturdy and durable

3. Combat Youth 2016 Maxum -12 Baseball Bat

Combat Youth 2016 Maxum -12 Baseball BatBefore this bat was released into the market, the team at Combat said that something big was in their works. And true to their word, it has proven to be one of the best little league baseball bats one can ever buy as of right now It has outdone itself by doing what was not considered possible for a composite bat.

It offers an extreme combination of a large sweet spot and light weight design that makes it very easy to swing. It was created through advanced precision molding technology and features a one-piece design.

Unlike typical composite bats that are usually created by rolling or overlapping layers of material, the precision molding technology that is employed in the creation of this bat injects resin into high quality carbon sleeves that are subjected to extreme pressure.

The final product is a very consistent bat that does not have weak points that are very common in the traditional composite bats. When you buy it, you will be absolutely sure that it will deliver perfectly tuned performance for many years.

The diameter of its barrel is 2 1/4 inches. It is not only approved for little league, but also for USSSA, Pony, Dixie, Babe Ruth and AA BC. You will get a one year warranty that covers against defects when you buy it

Highlighted Features: 
  • Single wall construction 
  • 2 1/4 inches barrel diameter 
  • Approved for Little League Baseball, USSSA, AA BC, Pony, Dixie and Babe Ruth 
  • Lightest swing weight 
  • Largest sweet spot 
  • One year warranty against defects from the manufacturer.

4. DeMarini 2016 CF8 Youth Baseball Bat

DeMarini 2016 CF8 Youth Baseball BatThis is a great bat that swings well and provides fantastic performance on the baseball field. It is made of paradox plus composite material that makes for a lighter and stronger barrel that delivers maximum pop.

The ball jumps right off it for maximum distance. Your child will experience good balance throughout the swing when they are using it Breaking this bat in is not going to take a long time It is hot right out of the wrapper.

With the D-Fusion 2.0 handle that it features, vibration will not be experienced at all in the hand when your child swings it Energy is redirected back to the barrel.

The low pro end cap is another feature worth mentioning on this bat. It ensures proper balance while at the same time providing the young baseball player with a smooth swing.

There is also the thermo-fused taper that enhances the sweet spot by making sure that energy is contained in the barrel. If your kid is very picky when it comes to colors, there is no need to worry.

DeMarini 2016 CF8 comes in three colors, namely black, white and gold. The bat is also available in different sizes that are suitable for kids of different ages. The sizes range from 29 inches to 32 inches while the weight ranges from 18 oz to 20 oz. You will not miss to find one that is perfect for your kid.

Highlighted Features: 
  • High strength carbon fiber barrel 
  • Paradox Plus Composite construction 
  • Thermo-fused taper for enhanced sweet spot 
  • Low pro end cap 
  • D-Fusion 2.0 handle

5. Louisville Slugger Youth 2016 Omaha 516 (-13) Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Youth 2016 Omaha 516You can buy this little league bat without any worry in your mind because it backed with a thirty day performance promise. If you notice any defects or are not completely satisfied with its performance in 30 days, all you need to do is return it to Louisville Slugger. The full amount of money that you parted with to pay for it will be refunded.

This bat is made with the new exclusive lightweight 7U1 alloy that delivers undeniable power on the baseball field. Your kid will enjoy a massive sweet spot, maximum barrel flex, superior balance and a lighter swing weight.

If you have ever bought your kid an Omaha youth bat in the past, you will notice a difference when you buy this one The Louisville Slugger Youth 2016 Omaha 516 has a barrel that is 25 percent longer compared to the previous models. This one among the things that make it one of the best little league bats.

Its 7/8 inches large and has a tapered design that ensures good grip. There is a synthetic grip on the handle that makes sure that the young baseball player remains comfortable in the hands even when they baseball for many hours. The barrel of the bat is 2 1/4 large.

Apart from the 30 day performance promise that this bat comes with, it also backed with a one year warranty that covers against defects. You can rest easy knowing that the manufacturer will take responsibility for defects that it may develop within the one year period.

Highlighted Features: –
  • 7U1 alloy construction 
  • 7/8 inches tapered handle covered with synthetic grip 
  • One year warranty 
  • 2 1/4 inch barrel 
  • 25 percent longer barrel than previous Omaha bats 
  • 30 day performance promise

6. Easton S3 ALUMINIUM Youth Baseball Bat

Easton S3 ALUMINIUM Youth Baseball BatThere is no way your son will not love this bat. It hits very well and holds up nicely. The HMXATM Hyperlite Matrix alloy barrel is one of notable things about it It provides expanded sweet sport as well as expanded durability.

Being a one-piece bat, it provides a stiffer feel in the hands and superior swing control that your child will not get when using composite bats.

This means that it may not be a great bat for your child if they prefer composite bats. But that does not mean that it is not great. The ultra-light aluminum alloy of this bat makes it very lightweight.

As a result, young baseball player will not have a hard time swinging it It is an ideal choice for smaller baseball players or those who would like to improve their bat speed. Unlike the previous S3 models that had a very tiny sweet spot, this particular S3 has an expanded sweet spot that is made possible by the specially engineered alloy.

It also includes HYPERSKIN Grip, low moment of inertia rating and balanced swing weight. The HYPERSKIN Grip makes sure that the 29/32 inch handle is properly covered.

Also prevents the hands of the young baseball player from drifting when they swing the bat. The low moment of inertia rating and balanced swing weight contribute to superior bat control and higher swing speed.

Highlighted Features: 
  • HMXATM Hyperlite Matrix alloy barrel 
  • 29/32 inch handle with 1.2 mm HYPERSKINATM grip 
  • 2 1/4 inch barrel 
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF certified 
  • One year warranty 
  • Balanced swing weight

7. Marucci Youth Pro Model Chase Utley Maple Wood Baseball Bat Cu26yb

Marucci Youth Pro Model Chase UtleyThis is a well balanced youth baseball bat that is built with the contact hitter in mind. Your kid will have complete control over it It has a traditional barrel and thinner handle that provide greater bat speed.

Durability it guaranteed with this baseball bat because it is made from top grade maple billets that are cut from carefully selected trees that grow naturally in the Pennsylvania forests. Bone rubbed technique is used to close the pores and make the wood harder.

The barrel of the bat is approximately 2 1/4 inches. It has amazing pop. Your kid will be able to hit so many homeruns in one game.

With proper use, this wood baseball bat will last for long because it is very strong. Even if your child is a power hitter, it will still be able to serve him for many years. If by any chance you are not completely satisfied with it, you just need to return it directly to the manufacturer.

Your money will be refunded in full or you will be given another bat. The black gloss finish of the bat looks really great. You will love it simply by looking at it It is not just available in one size.

You can choose from a number of sizes to make sure that you are getting a proper one for your kid depending on the age and size.

Highlighted Features : 
  • 2 1/4 barrel diameter 
  • Top quality maple construction 
  • Bone rubbed to make the wood harder 
  • Pro cupped end for improved weight distribution 
  • 30 days manufacturer’s warranty

8. DeMarini 2014 Uprising Little League Baseball Bat (-12)

DeMarini 2014 Uprising Little League Baseball BatLooking for the best little league bats that will give you a lot of bung for your buck? This DeMarini 2014 Uprising will not disappoint. It measures 29 inches and weighs 17 ounces. It generally gets good reviews from people that have had the chance to use it and is well liked by many.

The DX1 alloy that is made of delivers perfect balance of fracture toughness and high KSI strength that provides long lasting performance. You will not need to buy another bat for your kid any time soon as long as it is used and maintained properly.  

The hybrid performance grip that this little league bat comes with is one of the notable things that make it one of the best bats for little league. It is a two-piece grip that that has a thin performance feel as well as faded color look.

Smaller baseball players can wield very easily when they are using it. It is also well balanced and has a light weight design that makes it very easy to swing. The barrel diameter is 2 1/4, something that it gives it a workman-like sweet spot.

It is a good starter bat that will not disappoint you at all Your kid should see an improvement in making contact, something that should in turn help them build confidence. It is neither too long nor too heavy. You will also love the fact that it does not dent easily.

Highlighted Features : 
  • DX1 alloy construction for perfect balance 
  • Two-piece hybrid performance grip 
  • Approved for play in Little League and other youth associations 
  • Meets 1.15 BPF bat standard 
  • 2 1/4 inch barrel 
  • 12 month limited warranty

9. Louisville Slugger 2016 SI Prime 916 Big Barrel 2 5/8 (-10) Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger 2016 SI Prime 916 Big BarrelTRU3 Explosive Power Transfer technology that this youth baseball bat has been built with drastically eliminates sting and provides maximum trampoline effect as well as a true feel on contact. It is a two-piece composite bat with balanced swing weight.

It comes in myriad sizes, so you will not miss to find one that is just perfect for your child. The sizes include BBCOR, 2 3/4 inches, 2 5/8 inches and 2 1/4 inches. The BBCOR one is really great because it has a great combination of pop and balance.

To optimize the performance of this bat, the manufacturer inserted a 1 inch composite disc at the base of the sweet spot of the barrel. This allows it to have the thinnest barrel walls that provide a lighter feel to the bat. This design of the barrel walls also expands the sweet spot in a great way while at the same time creating maximum trampoline effect.

The swing weight is kept as low as possible making it easier for the young baseball player to swing the bat. The Lizards SkinsATM grip is another thing worth mentioning about this bat.

It ensures enhanced tackiness and toughness. Considering that you will not spend a lot of money to buy this bat, it is a really nice affordable bat that you will not regret buying at all Your child will be very satisfied with it from the word go.

Highlighted Features : 
  • TRU3 Explosive Power Transfer for maximum trampoline effect 
  • Thinnest barrel walls for low swing weight and bigger sweet spot 
  • Fuse Carbon Structure composite design 
  • Lizards SkinsATM grip 
  • 7/8 inch tapered handle

10. Easton S50 Youth Baseball Bat

Easton S50 Youth Baseball BatOne of the things that qualify this Easton S50 as one of the best little league baseball bats is the durable aluminum alloy that it is crafted from It will work greatly for your child. It does not feel heavy in the hand at all because it is built to be lightweight. Your child will be guaranteed a light swing weight when using it.

However, the material that it is built with is very strong. It will last for many years, or until your child outgrows it, if proper care maintenance is observed during its use.

The evenly balanced design that the bat is built with provides a larger sweet spot. The handle of this little league bat is 29/32 inches. It is equipped with All Sports Grip to make sure that your kid’s hands remain comfortable even after using the bat for long. They will not start developing blisters. Barrel of this bat is 2 1/4 inches large.

In case of defects of issues with performance of the bat, there is no need to panic because it comes with a one year warranty. It is a good bat that will do a lot to ensure your kid’s success at the plate.

It also does not a good job when it comes to dampening hand sting. It has good reviews from people that have been able to use it in the past, so you can buy it with the assurance that it will not disappoint you

Highlighted Features: 
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction 
  • Full rolled over end 
  • 29/32 inch handle with all sports grip 
  • 2 1/4 inch barrel 
  • USSSA 1.15 BPF certified 
  • Lightweight design

The Best Baseball Bat for Little League

Frequently  Questions & Answers:

Question: Is this a big barrel bat?

Answer: No, it is a standard 2 1/4 inch bat that is acceptable in about all leagues.

Question: Does this bat have a BPF 1.15 stamp on it?

Answer: Yes, the 2016 Louisville Slugger Omaha 516 has a USSSA 1.15 BPF stamp.

Question: Is this Easton S3 a drop 5 bat?

Answer: No, it is a -13 youth baseball bat.

Question: Is this an aluminum bat?

Answer: Yes, the DeMarini 2014 Uprising is an aluminum bat, not composite.

Final Verdict

After going through the above little league bat reviews, buying the best little league bats for your child should not be a big problem. Choose a bat that is made of durable materials.

Children that are still learning how to handle the bat can be very rough with it So if you choose one that is not made of durable materials, you will be planning to buy another one sooner rather than later.

Before selecting the bat, you can have your child play a few rounds with it That way, you can determine if it is indeed offering the perfect amount of power and swing to drive the ball away as far as possible.


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