Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves 2017

Besides from bat and pitch, the essential part of a baseball game is the glove or alternately called Mitt. The players need to catch the fast ball and hold it on the play. But without a proper softball glove, you cannot perform securely. That’s why you need to have a best fastpitch softball gloves for the catcher. A high-quality glove will not only keep your hand safe but also will help your confidence with it.

As softball games are getting more and more popular, companies are providing softball equipment in verities. Different brands are providing different gloves with different specifications. For this, a buyer has to look upon some of the characteristics of the material so that he/she can choose the best gloves with respect to his/her need.

Lastly, there is almost no difference between fast pitch and slow pitch softball gloves, so a glove has used in both plays. So, you can use same gloves in these two games without any problem.

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves
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Before buying your favorite softball glove, you need to understand the important aspect of this items and then consider whether it will suit your need or not. We have found out these important features that you should consider before buying. These are-

Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves

Top 10 Best Fastpitch Softball Gloves Reviews

Huge numbers of softball gloves with different features are available in the market. Sometimes, it can be tough to understand a certain quality for the huge advertising content of these products. You need in-depth reviews and compares of these products to determine the true quality.

Our reviewers have tested major brands on the market and come out with top 10 best softball gloves. Let’s walk through with the top rated fastpitch softball gloves in the market-

1. Akadema ATS77 Fastpitch Series Glove

Akadema ATS77 Fastpitch Series GloveAkadema is a prominent company most in the baseball and softball sector. The academia’s ATS77 fastpitch series gloves use handcrafts to enhance the performance in the field. The design by Crystal Bustos who is two times gold medals winner in the Olympic makes this noteworthy glove.

This has a deeper pocket which can accommodate softball easily.  Normally, you cannot use regular baseball gloves in Softball games for the bigger size of the ball. The Akadema ATS77 Fast pitch softball gloves make sure you can catch the ball without any problem.

Its webbing hides the ball so that the batter couldn’t see the ball before throwing. I love this softball gloves for this special feature. It is also a convenient glove irrespective in which position you play. it is more convenient for catching.

The closed web offers more support for the outfielder, and the padding makes you more confident. Therefore, this is good for smaller hands especially for the smaller hands and thinner finger which are especially for the women and girls.

It has grasp-clasp wrist system which offers a lot of assistance or catching. The short distance between thumb and index finger makes the ball easier to catch and firmly hold. It takes lesser time to break-in and very comfortable to use day after day.

Highlighted Features:
  • 12.50-inch reptilian pattern
  • B- Hive closed the web with deep pocket
  • The glove has a deep pocket
  • Female fastpitch fit
  • Grasp-clasp adjustable Velcro wrist strap

2. Mizuno Gpl1250f1 Prospect 12.5`` Fp Glove

Mizuno Gpl1250f1 Prospect 12.5-Fp Glove 311941The Mizuno Gpl1250f1 Prospect 12.5″ is one of the best softball hand gloves. You’ll love to know the different technology used in the gloves. This softball glove uses modern technologies such as PowerClose, ParaShock, MZO Lining and PowerLock to makes it very famous among the player.

With the help of Power close technology, you can catch the ball easily. You’ll hardly miss the catch. So while playing, you’ll feel like the ball is automatically coming to your palm.

It has ParaShock palm pad. It helps to minimize shock, and thus you can reduce pain in your palm. Therefore, you will not feel any external pain during the match. It also protects your hand with providing comfort. Also, you can avoid sore or blister in your palm. The thumb cut technology makes the loves flexible. So, you can close your hand without putting too much pressure.

The glove has Power Lock Technology which ensures the secure fit of your hand. Hence, when you’re playing, there will be no complaining like slipping due to the looseness of the glove. To enhance the comfort, this glove uses MZO Lining. So, you can enjoy the game, while giving you best performance.

It has V-flex Notch design. Hence, it helps to initiates easy closure. Moreover, the gloves have the design of Tartan Hi-low web. 

Highlighted features
  • PowerLock Technology for secure fit
  • Tartan Hi-Low web design
  • ParaShock palm pad to minimize shock
  • V-Flex Notch for initiating easy closure
  • PowerClose technology for easier ball catching
  • It has 12.5” fp prospect

3. Louisville Slugger 12.5-Inch FG Xeno Softball Infielders Gloves

Louisville Slugger 12.5-Inch FG Xeno Softball Infielders GloveLouisville Slugger in softball gloves industry is like the Apple in the smartphone industry. It is one of the most popular fastpitch softball gloves in the market. For the durable built quality, secure snug feature and comfortable feeling, it is on their top choice. 

The FG Xeno infielder gloves construct with finest line leather and a soft lining. This glove improves the pitch throwing and defensive performance with stable performance throughout the whole gaming period as well as durability which last for season after season. This perfect infield glove is specially designed to provide field ready and pre-conditioned secure snug fit. Also, it dominates the strike zone when you step on the rubber with this remarkable defensive halter.

For additional ease, for the young tender hand, the glove uses feminine pattern. The construction material is the groundout premium grade leather shell which gives the soft, smooth feelings. I felt this is one of the most comfortable softball gloves available in the shops. The optimization of the wrist opening and finger stalls also a beautiful feature found in the glove.

Also, leather palm lining and bruise guard palm padding give the stung free feel in the moment of impact. The secure pigskin wrist lining reinforces the secure fit. This pitcher model Mitt has dual post web pattern and an open back which increase the cozy and comfort movement.

Highlighted Features:
  • Adjustable Velcro Wrist Wrap
  • Bruise-guard palm padding for extra area
  • Dual post web
  • Female specific pattern
  • Exceptional Durability

4. Easton SYFP2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove (33-Inch)

Easton SYFP2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove 33-InchThe Easton is the giant in the baseball and softball industry and well known for their quality product of every sector in the baseball game. Also, the Easton SYFP2000 Fastpitch Softball Glove constructs with oil tan leather, tumbling softly to give an unmatched feeling of ease. Therefore, this glove provides durability for the quality of ingredient. It is one of the top fastpitch softball gloves 2017.

The game ready feel of the synergy glove takes no time or a very little time to break-i that’s why it is usable right after opening the box. The awesome Bio-dri system introduced in the glove is a moisture managed fabric used to keep straight the line stalls during the match. The bio-dri wicks away the wetness and keeps the gloves dry and lightweight.

The remarkable ideal fit system is a patent-pending system. In this system, the contoured index finger slot adds the feel of a closed back glove with the combination of the flexibility of an open back gloves. Moreover, the VRS palm pad distributed the impact of the pitch by a protective pad. Keeping in the mind of female comfortability, the glove has the feminine pattern which is narrower finger stalls, smaller hand opening, and wider webs.

Highlighted features:
  • Comes with an Ideal fit system
  • Bio-dri moisture control finger lining
  • Basket web with adjustable Velcro wrist belt
  • Constructed with Oil-tanned leather
  • VRS palm pad

5. Franklin Sports Fastpitch Series Lightweight Softball Glove

Franklin Sports Fastpitch Series Lightweight Softball GloveA glove is a major factor in the game of baseball and softball. Performance level increases by good gloves and good gloves need some specification. This specification is well researched by the Franklin, and they have come with its new Lightweight series of softball glove. For the lightweight and excellent catching option, it is known as one of the best fastpitch softball glove in the market.

I especially like the technical mesh shell design constructs the glove. Also, the mesh shell design gives the gloves classy looks and makes the webbing strong enough to hold any speed pitch. The stitching is among the very best and gives a professional look. Also, I like the longevity of this glove.

The PU-laminated palm and adjustable wrist strap make it suitable for all position play. The adjustability of the wrist closure gives the utmost comfortability and customization to the players. Therefore, the PU lamination reduces the stiffness, and it is ready to use right after opening the box. You do not need to have any extra practice session before using it in play.

The glove is available for both left and right-hand throwers. The customer also can choose their favorite color between lime-grey and pink-grey. The glove is lightweight, and the player can move their hand freely.

Highlighted Features:
  • Comes with a lightweight design
  • Constructed with technical mesh designed shell
  • Soft PU-laminated palm gives soft feeling
  • Very comfortable during the game
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist closure
  • Usable in every position

6. Mizuno Franchise 12.5" Fast Pitch Softball Glove

Mizuno Franchise 12.5You’ll love the pre-oiled Java leather of the Mizuno Franchise 12.5″ Fast Pitch Softball Glove which is long lasting and game ready. You’ll love the SureFit Foam which works like a cushion along the back of the fingers. So it provides a more customized fit.

The glove has ParaShock palm. It absorbs the shock of the repeated uses. Thus, it gives you real comfort along with the protection to the palm.

One of the important features is Power lock wrist. You can have the most secure fit, and you can have it within the quickest possible time. It can result in outperformance in the field.

The glove is designed for the women hand. So you can’t buy it for the boy. Before buying, make sure that you’re buying the correct gloves.

It has the V-flex technology. Thus, you can add comfort to your fingers. It’s designed for helping to initiate easy closure.

Highlighted features
  • Pre-oiled Java leather
  • SureFit Foam for cushioning
  • ParaShock palm for better protection
  • Power Lock closure for secure fit
  • Designed for women hand
  • V-flex notch for helping to initiate easy closure

7. Rawlings Liberty Advanced 11.75 Inch RLA315SBPT 

Rawlings Liberty Advanced 11.75 Inch RLA315SBPTIf you want to play like a Pro, the Rawlings Fastpitch Softball Glove is the best one to choose. It has a shell leather, treated fully with grain oil. So you’ll feel no pain, and you’re absolutely ready for starting the game in full swing.

Due to the presence of XRD palm and pads at the index finger, the gloves reduces the sting in the hands. So, it’s mainly giving you better protection with less or no pain and no blister in the hand or finger.

According to the Rawlings, the patterns shows 80% factory break-in. So the player is responsible for only 20% break-in.

If you throw the ball at the right hand, then buy a left-hand glove. On the contrary, if you throw at the left hand, then look for right-hand gloves. It has hand openings and balanced pattern which improves overall fit and control.

The Rawlings Fastpitch Softball Glove is designed for the hand size of the female athlete. Hence, it ensures your level of control. On the contrary, you’ll feel comfort using this softball glove. All leather laces are tied together to ensure durability and longtime retention.

If you want to upgrade your level in the field, you must buy Liberty Advanced softball glove. 

Highlighted features
  • full-grain oil treated shell leather
  • Poron XRD palm and index finger pads
  • Designed for female hand size
  • All leather laces tie up for durability
  • Balanced pattern to improve narrow fit

8. Wilson Siren Series 12.5 Inch WTA05RF16 125 Fastpitch Softball Glove

Wilson Siren Series 12.5 Inch WTA05RF16 125 Fastpitch Softball GloveThe Wilson Softball Glove is a highly innovative soft gear glove. It’s flexible and high design glove which will make you comfortable to wear and play in the fastpitch game. It is one of the best fast pitch softball gloves for its light weight and comfortable leather construction.

The Wilson Siren Series is the lightest of all the leather gloves series in the market. The glove has dual welting so that it can have a durable pocket. So, you do not have to worry about the longevity of this glove with having a comfortable weight.

The dual palm construction ensures the pocket reinforcement. It makes the hand pocket much stronger. Again, the top grain leather shell provides you the feel without weight. So, you can enjoy the game also with providing excellent catching. It has the left-hand glove for the right-hand throw and left-hand glove for the right hand throw.

It’s made up of high-quality material, and unique construction makes it the top player in the market. Here, this softball gloves is available in both right-hand Throw and left-hand Throw. 

The Fastpitch softball glove has 2-piece back closure which ensures the secure fit. The glove has leather laces which tie up to make more durable and offers longer shape retention.

Highlighted features
  • Dual palm construction quality
  • Lightest leather gloves
  • Victory web design
  • Availability for left-hand and right-hand throw
  • Top grain leather shell for real feel

9. Mizuno GPL1200F1 Prospect Fastpitch Series Left Handed Throw Youth Softball Mitt

Mizuno GPL1200F1 Prospect Fastpitch Series Left Handed Throw Youth Softball MittMizuno is the well-known name in the software industry. It is famous to make gloves for all ages and skill level. The prospect fastpitch series use special tailor to fit in the hand of the young female player. So, one does not need to overthink about her hand size with the Mizuno GPL1200F1.

The combination of multiple technologies makes it easier to close the gloves and catch the ball perfectly with great ease. It enhances the performance in catching during high tense softball match. These gloves help to learn the young and new learner to catch the pitch flawlessly.

The patent of close power technology gives a new feature of the hinge to the gloves where players could hold the ball by squeezing. This gives almost the real bare hand catch feeling. This double hinge produces an extra spacious pocket, and it is more secure while catching the ball. For this special feature, Mizuno GPL1200F1 is on the top Position in our fastpitch softball gloves reviews.

The ParaShock palm pad inside the gloves reduces the shock from impact of the ball. As a result, the hand doesn’t feel pain, and it is sting-free. The Catchers mitt also has the Power Lock adjustable Velcro wrist belt create a cozy, comfortable and custom fit for every individual player. The feature of the closed back gives remarkable controllability at any position in the field.

Highlighted features:
  • Comes with Tartan Hi-Low web
  • ParaShock Palm pad reduces the sting
  • V-flex Notch initiate easy closure
  • Power lock technology ensure easy catch
  • PowerLock technology gives secure fit

10. Easton SYFP1250 Fastpitch Softball Glove

Easton SYFP1250 Fastpitch Softball GloveThe 12.5-Inch Easton Fastpitch Softball Glove is a women’s softball glove with unique features and design which are enough to grab your attention. It has oil tanned leather.

Moreover, it’s long lasting and game-ready. This pattern is designed mainly for the female player. It has smaller hand openings, wider web, and narrow finger stalls. The power slits at the top of the web for better flex.

The glove has an ideal fit system. One side is open back glove, and the other side is controlled back gloves. So, you can control the fitting on this side.

Also, it has contoured index finger channel which adds comfort and flexibility to the open side. This is in the top fast pitch softball gloves reviews section for its excellent comfort and flexibility.

It has BIO-DRI fabric, which lines the finger stalls. It absorbs the moisture and sweat and thus keeps your glove light and dry. It’s mainly the moisture management fabric. The wider webbing gives you ample of space to pick the moving softball very quickly. 

The gloves have pad named VRS palm pad. It’s a protective palm pad and disperses the impact of the ball to outside. Hence, you can avoid minimizing sting in your hand. Also, I like the Narrow finger stalls of this glove with the other amazing technologies.

Highlighted features
  • Oil-tanned leather
  • Bio-Dri for keeping the glove dry and light
  • VRS palm pad for dispersing the impact
  • Designed mainly for female
  • Smaller hand openings
  • Ideal fit system to control the fitting

Fastpitch Pitcher's Gloves : Know More

Construction Material :

Mainly the leather gloves are more popular and more durable than other but the higher the quality of the leather it takes more time to break-in. It is like old French wine which is older it is the finer it becomes.

Other gloves use composite material which is good for a low budget or casual players. The fastpitch softball glove companies will ensure durability with the highest quality of materials

Frequently Question & answer

Q: What is a softball glove made of?

A. It is usually made off with synthetic leather, cowhide, and pigskin, full-grain leather or steer hide.

Q: What size of the glove should I buy?

A. The standard size is between 11.25 to 12 inches. This could vary from the individual

Q: Should I order the left-hand glove for right-hand throw?

A. Yes. If the player throws right, you want a glove for the left hand.

Q: What is utility gloves?

A. The glove which uses in both infield and outfield is utility gloves.

Final Thought

You will not like if the catcher fails to pick the ball in a high contested softball games. So, it is very important to have the right gloves as it can put influence in the game. The best fastpitch softball gloves do enhance not only the performance of the catcher but also improves the confidence of the whole team.

We have tested different companies and brands and find out the top ten gloves on the market. You can have a better knowledge on picking the best gloves from our buying guide. Also, the list of fast pitch softball gloves will help you to compare and then determine the best fit for the softball game.


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