Best Batting Gloves Reviews : (Updated 2017)

The best batting gloves is that which provides a baseball player the ultimate hand protection against bruises, blisters and other forms of injuries. Though some overlook this essential gear as they are optional, they play an integral role in determining a player’s overall performance. Batting gloves offer increased grip to sweaty hands, particularly during hot and muggy weather.

Therefore, it potentially helps a player from sliding or injuring a partner. Hitting the ball ineffectively might cause unpleasant vibrations. In this case , the baseball batting gloves significantly absorb such shock for up to 75%. Should a player develop blisters and pain, then it means they have to wait for several days to heal before resuming their game.

Batting gloves make a difference and have become a necessity in most modern baseball sports. Best brands of batting gloves are made of durable, lightweight leather. Nowadays, dozens of batting gloves brands are available on the market.

Best Baseball batting gloves (Youth & Adult)

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Best Batting Gloves

Top 5 Best adult batting gloves reviews

Finding the right selection of adult batting gloves can be a tedious task. However, reading through reviews and factors to consider can make the process quite simple. Here are the top five adult brands to go for.

1. DeMarini Digi Camo Adult Batting Gloves

DeMarini Digi Camo Adult Batting GlovesThis pair of Gloves offers both protection and relief to blister-stricken hands. The ultra-smooth leather lining provides a rub-free interior, hence, providing irresistible comfort. If you are a regular baseball player battling with blisters and pain, then this is your recommended companion.

You will also adore the classic fit it provides together with fresh feel and relief around the knuckle bends. DeMarini Digi Camo gloves feature a lightweight leather construction (4 ounces) that makes it feel easy on the hands.

Additionally, it comes with a wide low profile wrist strap for a snug fit while no obscuring your swinging movements. Since they are Ballplayer-approved, DeMarinin Digi Camo has 4-way stretch, so they can never be too small or too bulky for you.

However, you can choose your desired size from the SM, MD, LG, XL and 2XL sizes. A silicon overlay backhand gives it an improved overall structure making them very fashionable. Its smooth sheepskin leather makes it ideal to wear in all seasons without blending with other brands. 

Highlighted features
  • Smooth sheepskin leather 
  • Rub-free interiors
  • 4-way stretchable
  • Silicon overlay backhand
  • Low-profile wrist strap

2. Easton HS9 Stars & Stripes Gloves

Easton HS9 Stars & Stripes GlovesWith an exclusive diamond textured sheepskin construction, Easton HS9 Adult Gloves deliver an ultra-soft feel and grip. Every joint and knuckle in these gloves has a Zonal Flex to provide a snug fit and added comfort.

What makes it stand apart from other brands is the unique NeoErgo Energy Palm design that provides ergonomic layers to create a larger gripping surface area. These adult-sized gloves also feature backhand 3D palm wraps to replace annoying seams that can impact on your game.

It is one frequently bought gloves with an overall weight of 4 ounces. It will work great in case you love playing for extended sessions. You will also not resist the idea that they are breathable and can sustain sweaty hands through long plays.

It is available in different sizes including small, medium, large and extra-large. There is also no limits in color options as it comes in white, blue and red selections. They are very versatile and fit all left and right-handed users. You can hone your gripping skills with the help of these excellent gloves.

Highlighted features
  • 4-ounce weight
  • NeoErgo Energy Palm design
  • 3D Palm wraps
  • Variety of sizes
  • Red, White and Blue colors
  • Right and left-hand use

3. Under Armour Men’s Batting Gloves

Under Armour Men’s Batting GlovesThis pair combines both comfort and functionality. They are gloves that deliver signature performance without sacrificing durability. It comes with a goat skin leather construction that feels incredibly soft.

It is also packed with HeatGear moisture-wicking technology to make your hands remain cool and dry free from all bad odors. Included is a four-way stretch mechanism at the backhand that ensures a close and snug fit.

Outside are perforated overlays that improve ventilation and breathability. If you’ve got sweaty hands, then this pair is a must-have. To obtain a comfortable fit, adjust the hook and loop closure system. You can choose from the three different sizes i.e. small medium and large.

These gloves can save you if you are currently battling with brutal blisters and pain. Its excellent padding makes it great to use if your hands are prone to rubbing while playing. You can endure several slides without encountering scratches or bruises on your hands. Under Armour Men’s Gloves is built to last. It is a great option for serious batters. 

Highlighted features
  • Digitally embossed perforation overlays 
  • Goatskin palms
  • HeatGear Moisture wicking
  • 4-way stretch mechanism
  • Hook and loop enclosure

4. Franklin Sports MLB CFX Batting Gloves

Franklin Sports MLB CFX Batting GlovesProfessional batters widely wear these gloves. Franklin MLB CFX gloves are specifically designed to improve gripping ability and overall batting performance even in the extreme weather conditions. It presents PITTARDS DIGITAL sheepskin leather construction for long lasting comfort and tactility.

Featured is a floating thumb technology that helps to increase adaptability and flexibility of the gloves. At the knuckle back and side-flex areas is a dual layer of Lycra-flex Bridge that make it very light and flexible. A Quad-Flex creasing on the outer gripping surface eliminates the buildup of materials while improving grip quality.

Nevertheless, this pair of gloves is equipped tectonic inserts to elevate comfort while not making it bulky. Another noticeable feature is the one-piece leather palm design that heightens smoothness and feels when used on any rough baseball bat.

This set of gloves come in varied size options so you can choose your desired size. Designed to fit both novices and professionals, Franklin MLB CFX makes one of the best baseball batting gloves worth purchasing. 

Highlighted features
  • Floating thumb technology
  • Tectonic fit inserts
  • PITTARDS DIGITAL Sheepskin leather
  • Quad-Flex creasing
  • One-Piece Leather palm construction

5. Louisville Slugger Adult Pro Batting Gloves

Louisville Slugger Adult Pro Batting GlovesIf you are on the hunt for great batting gloves with strong gripping performance, then Louisville Slugger is your appropriate brand. Packed with pro features, Louisville has become one of the best-selling pairs of gloves.

The pair comes with an embossed goatskin palm that elevates gripping ability. At the sides are Lycra elastic stretch zones to enhance fit when on your hands. This also helps reduce instances of bunching which can impact on your game. An elastic wrist strap also improves fit making it remain secure on your hands.

There is a back side logo bearing Louisville Slugger making it look very attractive and professional. You will get it in various sizes including small, medium, large, XL and XXL. The materials used to make it are durable rendering it one long-lasting brand.

In every game, you can be assured of full confidence, flexibility, and comfort. You will also not miss your favorite color as this pair comes in multiple color choices including black, Columbia blue, dark green, navy, purple, royal, scarlet, white, orange, maroon and yellow.

Highlighted features
  • Pro design
  • Lycra stretch zones
  • Embossed goatskin leather construction
  • Backhand logo
  • Multiple colors and sizes

Top 5 best youth baseball batting gloves

Before the onset of batting season, it is vital to take an inventory of your batting equipment. Youth batters also have an array of options to consider when shopping for batting gloves. Here are the top five best youth baseball batting gloves reviews.

1. Easton Youth HS3 Baseball Batting Gloves

Easton Youth HS3 Baseball Batting GlovesIf you have soft hands, then you need supple gloves. Easton HS3 delivers unrivaled softness with superior durability. It features a professional-quality sewn Goatskin palm that provides a sticky grip. Around the wrist is an adorable neoprene material that is breathable and durable.

This ensures your hand never gets wet or smelly with sweats. A 4-way stretchable Zonal-Flex mesh is paired around each joint and knuckle for maximum flexibility and mobility.

Some sections comprise of a blend of fiber spots and leather around the grip. This is to ensure maximum flexibility and decency. The small sizes best suit 6-7 aged youths. Medium is for 8-9, large for ten years and extra-large for the 11-year old. Though it allows a little room for growing, they are not that bulky but still fit pretty well.

Mostly, it is a recommended option for starters. Pros who want to advance their batting skills can also go for it. It comes in a pair of left and right hand. Choose from the white and red color options.

Highlighted features
  • Supple Goatskin Palm
  • Zonal Flex on knuckles and joints
  • Durable neoprene wrist strap
  • Fiber and goatskin blend
  • Variety of sizes

2. Mizuno Youth Vintage Batting Gloves

Mizuno Youth Vintage Batting GlovesMLB players often use it. This pair of vintage gloves brings excellent features including the standalone sensor point palms. These help to improve grip. It also includes an exclusive Mizuno Air Mesh technology that improves breathability and comfort.

In fact, you can wear it for an extended period without compromising hygiene. Moreover, it possesses a Xtension design that gives it the ability to flex your hands, hence, providing excellent grip. The palm area is entirely leather.

A QuickAdjust wrist tab with a molded pull tab enables you to enclose and have a secure fit. They are considerably small in design, so it fit most young adults. Additionally, it bears a trendy 3D logo that gives it a professional appeal. If you are going for a serious practice or actual play, then Mizuno Vintage Gloves might match your game needs.

Overall construction is top-notch and can withstand all forms of impacts. There are small, medium and large sizes. For colors, you can select find black and white options. 

Highlighted features
  • Sensor Point Palm
  • Xtension design
  • Air Meshes
  • 3D logo
  • QuickAdjust wrist tab

3. DeMarini Youth Digi Camo Gloves

DeMarini Youth Digi Camo GlovesWith DeMarini Digi Camo Gloves, you can be assured of a relentless play. It brings the difference between a game and a great game. Designed from high-quality and smooth sheepskin leather, this pair of gloves provide superior comfort.

Its impressive and unique Digi Camo design render it easy to distinguish from other brands. For a secure fit, these gloves come with a wrist strap that has a wide but low profile. It significantly eliminates obstruction when you swing to play. They are also very easy to get on and off both in dry and wet conditions.

Those who prefer gloves with cool and professional design can settle on this. The interiors are lined with rub-free leather that is also super smooth. It is a Ballplayer approved gloves that fit well ideal for eliminating blisters around knuckle bends.

DeMarini’s bold design make this pair of gloves the most trendy brand around. If style and substance drive you, you might fall in love with this great pair. They are great in all aspects. 

Highlighted features
  • Unique Digi Camo Design
  • Low-profile Wrist strap
  • Ultra-smooth sheepskin 
  • Stylish appeal
  • Classic Ballplayer approved fit

4. Under Armour Boy’s UA Batting Gloves

Under Armour Boy’s UA Batting GlovesSweaty hands can pose a significant risk to your overall baseball sports performance. Under Armour Boy’s gloves are specifically designed to curb messes resulting from sweaty hands and moist weather. Thanks to the Under Armour exclusive HeatGear technology.

Around the palm region and side of fingers are perforations that improve breathability to maintain cool and dry hands. Combined with this is an incredible goatskin leather construction that is not only durable but also very soft. For a snug fit, you can adjust the contoured wrist enclosure to your desired size.

It will never disappoint you by getting off in the course of the actual game. Furthermore, the pair also presents an embossed synthetic overlay that strengthens the structure of the gloves while enhancing grip quality.

Be sure to pick your preferred color as it comes in various choices. Nevertheless, featured is a 4-way stretch mechanism that makes it easy to adjust. With the excellent features and properties these gloves possess, you can be assured to hit your goal. Select your preferred size and augment your batting skills

Highlighted features
  • Embossed synthetic overlays
  • 4-way stretch
  • Quality goatskin leather palm
  • Exclusive HeatGear technology
  • Contoured wrist enclosure

5. Franklin MLB Sports Batting Gloves

Franklin MLB Sports Batting GlovesThis incorporates the latest and most advanced technology in baseball gloves industry. It is the ideal gloves if you are seeking to uphold the good quality of your game. Integrated is 1-piecce leather palm construction that makes it lightweight and easy on the hands.

To make it very flexible and highly adaptive, Franklin MLB Sports Gloves brings floating thumb technology. Again, there is a QUAD-FLEX creasing that increases gripping ability.

Alongside the sheepskin leather construction is an additional pro-grade spandex material that enhances the overall comfort of the gloves.

Spandex material also cushions your hands from all kinds of shock. Durability is unrivaled and if you are a regular baseball batter, then this pair can make a perfect companion for you. It is also very lightweight (4 ounces), so you can never get tired having it on your hands.

Franklin MLB gloves is a very decent package that comes in a broad array of colors meaning you can choose the best that suits your team. 

Highlighted features
  • Pro-grade spandex 
  • QUAD-FLEX creasing
  • 1-piece leather construction
  • Quality sheepskin leather
  • 4-ounce 

What's the difference between Batting Gloves?

Frequently asked questions and answers :

Q. Does it come as one or two gloves?

A. It comes in a pair (2 gloves) it effective in curbing blisters?

A. Yes, it significantly reduces blisters or other injuries 

Q. Can I get one for my six-year-old daughter?

A. Yes, there are several sizes you can choose

Q. Is delivery guaranteed when I order?

A. Yes, you get it in a few days after your order.

Final Verdict

Batting gloves are an essential wear in any baseball sport. They are great in providing protection against simple hand injuries, blisters, and fractures, bad or loose swings and missed grips. They are also excellent in providing warmth, especially during cold winter.

The best baseball batting gloves also absorb shock resulting from hitting a ball. Hundreds of brands exist on the market. However, the above are the top 5 best batting gloves for youths and adults. With high-quality gloves, instances of missed targets and unnecessary pain can reduce drastically. Select the right gear today for an exciting batting experience. 


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