Best Baseball Backpack / Bags 2017 Reviews

Having best baseball backpack is a must if you love this game. There are a lot of equipment that are associated with baseball and you need to keep them organized to avoid the risk of misplacing or even losing them.

With a good baseball backpack, it will be very easy for you to transport your baseball musts from one place to another without a lot of hassle. The backpack will always be useful for trips as well as tournaments to the baseball park.

If you get a brand that has been made with good material, you will forget about buying another baseball bag for many years to come. There are some baseball backpacks that will not only be useful for baseball, but also for athletics and other sports such as softball.

If you participate in more than one sport, you do not need to buy different bags for each sport if you get a bag like that. 

Best Baseball Backpack 2017 (Quick Pick)

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Top 10 Best Baseball Backpack Reviews

1. Easton Walk-Off II Bat Pack

Easton Walk-Off II Bat PackThis is a large capacity backpack that you can use to carry most or all of your baseball stuff with ease. Easton Walk-Off II Bat Pack has so many pockets that you will be spoilt for choice about which one to use.

You will never run out of space to store and carry your stuff. When you are at a baseball park, you can easily hang it on a fence using the hook or back strap that it is equipped with. 

You will not have a hard time accessing your baseball gloves , bat and helmet because this best baseball bag has a pullout that allows you to keep them in a place that is readily accessible.

There is also a shoe compartment that will allow you to carry your shoes easily. It is just as big as the other pockets that the backpack is comprised of.

Key Features :- 

  • Spacious design
  • Exterior helmet holder
  • Exclusive Bat Wing in-game gear holder
  • “J” style gear hooks
  • Easy to carry
  • Padded laptop sleeve

2. DeMarini VooDoo Paradox Backpack

DeMarini VooDoo Paradox BackpackOne of the things that make this DeMarini one of the best baseball bag 2017 for its durability. It is made of ultra-durable polyester that will provide many years of service.

The main compartment of the backpack is large enough to fit a helmet, gear and glove as well as any extra equipment you may wish to bring with you to the field. 

Another awesome feature that this backpack has is the pull-out hang up clip. It will help you keep the bag off the ground by hanging it up the dugout fences.

By doing so, you will be able to access the bag very easily. There is also a separate shoe compartment that allows you to store stinky shoes away from the rest of the stuff you are carrying.

Key Features :- 

  • Fleece-lined pocket for mobile phone
  • Large main compartment
  • Separate ventilated shoe compartment
  • Ultra-durable polyester
  • Made of composite treated material
  • Barrel Lock neoprene bat sleeve

3. Louisville Slugger EB Series 3 Stick Pack Baseball Equipment Bags

Louisville Slugger EB Series 3 Stick Pack Baseball Equipment BagsThis backpack brings a whole new style to baseball game. There are so many things to love about it, including the fact that it is spacious enough to fit your glove, helmet, cleats and other necessities you need for your baseball game.

Louisville Slugger EB Series (3 Stick) features a cellphone pocket and notebook sleeve to allow you to carry your electronics easily when going to the baseball park. It also features a fence hook that allows you to hang it safely on the fence instead of just leaving it on the ground. 

The colors that this backpack comes in are all great. It is available in black, hot pink, navy, hyper, purple, scarlet and royal. On the back of the bag, there is a comfort padding that makes sure that you remain comfortable when you are carrying it.

Even the shoulder straps are equipped with comfort padding that to allow you to carry the bag for long without feeling uncomfortable. It feels light and easy to carry when it is full loaded. 

Key Features :- 

  • Comfort padding on back
  • Two full length bat sleeves
  • Spacious storage
  • Great colors to choose from

4. Easton Walk-Off Bat Pack

Easton Walk-Off Bat PackYou will not go wrong with this Easton bag if you are looking for the best youth baseball bag. It features a unique external helmet holder that gives you more space to store more equipment inside the bag.

The holder has a dedicated space for team embroidery. You will also like the sport utility dual zipper design that this bat pack features. It has a fence hook that is great for dugout functionality. 

Another thing that you will definitely love about this backpack is the nice little Velcro strap that allows you to store your batting gloves during the game and prevent the need of digging for them in the bag.

Just from looking at the backpack, you can tell that the material that it is made of is high grade. It even has a foam liner on the straps to make sure that you remain comfortable when carrying the bag for a long distance. 

Key Features :- 

  • Vented shoe compartment
  • External helmet holder
  • Dual zipper design
  • Felt lined top pockets
  • Lots of storage pockets
  • Very Durable design

5. DeMarini NVS Baseball/Softball Backpack

DeMarini NVS Baseball/Softball BackpackThe main compartment of this bag is large enough to fit a helmet, gloves and gear. In fact, the compartment is large enough to accommodate two adult or youth baseball gloves and still leave extra space for storing a baseball and other things.

Along the back panel of the bag, there is a divider that is perfect for your clipboards. The DeMarini NVS backpack features a front pocket that will prove useful for storing random stuff such as sunglasses, sunscreen, pencils and other miscellaneous items. 

You will also like the two mesh bat sleeves that this best baseball backpack is equipped with. They can also be used as water bottle holders.

Carrying your phone will not be a problem because the bag has a fleece-lined cellphone pocket. It also has a handle and straps that are well made to allow you carry it from one place to another easily. 

Key Features :- 

  • Spacious main compartment
  • Fleece-lined cellphone pocket
  • Integrated fence hook
  • Two mesh bat sleeves
  • Features a reinforced bottom

6. Under Armour Hustle Bat Pack

Under Armour Hustle Bat PackIf you are looking for a long lasting and sturdy baseball backpack that will not let you down, you should consider buying this Under Armour Hustle backpack. The bag is available in multiple colors to allow you to choose a color that is appealing to your eyes or matches with your personality.

It features advanced organization with the capability of holding two bats and a ton of baseball equipment. You will be able to carry your baseball cleats, helmet and gloves easily when you have this bag. 

This bag has a number of compartments that you will find useful, including the top loading helmet compartment and the glove compartment.

If you like carrying a bottle of water whenever you are going for baseball practice or competition, the bag has a slip-in pocket that will allow you to carry the water bottle easily. The pocket features a 600D polyester construction and a PU coated bottom panel that makes it sturdy and durable.

Key Features :- 

  • Slip-in pocket for water bottle
  • HeatGear shoulder straps
  • Spacious and organized design
  • Helmet/glove compartment
  • Very sturdy and affordable

7. Easton E200P Bat Pack

Easton E200P Bat PackSince this baseball backpack is sturdy and well made, you can rest assured that you will be using it for many years if you buy it. One of the things that makes it the best youth baseball backpack to buy is the spacious design.

It is big enough to accommodate a helmet with face mask, bats and gloves. The bat sleeves of this bag are also great. They have a zipper to allow you to easily put your bats in and out. The pair of baseball bats are fully protected at the base. 

With a lot of compartments to choose from, you will never run out of space for storing your items when you buy this baseball backpack. Easton E200P Bat Pack features a ventilated cleat compartment, two neoprene bat holders and other zipper compartments that are perfect for storing additional items.

There is a shelf inside the bag that is very handy for storing things in an organized manner. Other notable features include a durable fence and flap hook that you will find useful when you want to hang the bag on the fence in the baseball park.

Key Features :- 

  • Frontal access
  • Inner shelf for ideal storage
  • Padded back and straps
  • Ventilated cleat compartment
  • Bat sleeves are very easy to use

8. Louisville Slugger EB Series 7 Stick Pack Baseball Equipment Bags

Louisville Slugger EB Series 7 Stick Pack Baseball Equipment BagsThe spacious storage and cutting edge technology that this backpack features makes it one of the best baseball bags on the market. Not only is it compact and portable, but it is also very durable.

You are going to have it for a very long time as long as you observe proper maintenance and care on it. It has plenty of storage space to allow you to carry everything you need for your baseball practice or competition. 

This Louisville Slugger backpack is equipped with a number of individual compartments that will help you keep your equipment separate and organized. To make sure that someone does not walk away with it by mistake, the bag has a personalization tag for ease of identification.

You will also love the mesh pockets that the bag features. You can use them to store water bottles and additional baseball or softball bats. 

Key Features :- 

  • Compact and portable design
  • Removable, personalized sleeve
  • Spacious storage with large opening
  • Two neoprene bat sleeves
  • Removable personalization panel

9. Worth Baseball/Softball Equipment and Bat Backpack Bag

Worth Baseball/Softball Equipment and Bat Backpack BagWhether you are a baseball or softball player, you will find this backpack to be very useful. It can hold two bats and features a total of three compartments together with padded shoulder straps for a comfortable fit.

You will not feel uncomfortable if you carry the bag for a long distance. There is a top pocket that you will use to store your gloves and a big front pocket that will be perfect for holding a helmet, balls, masks and even gloves.

Worth Baseball/Softball bag is very spacious to hold everything you need at the baseball field.  You will be staying with this backpack for many years to come because it is well made. It is also very cute. It comes in a variety of colors that you can choose from depending on your preference.

It is a great product for both professional baseball players and baseball enthusiasts. You will not break your bank account to buy it because it is very affordable. 

Key Features :- 

  • Three  compartments
  • Spacious design
  • Holds 2 adult or youth baseball bats
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Solid and sturdy construction

10. Rawlings Player Backpack

Rawlings Player BackpackThis Rawlings Player Backpack has room to carry bats, water, gloves and everything else that you need when you are headed to the baseball field. Not only does it hold all of your baseball necessities, but it also sturdily built to last for long.

It is a very durable bag that will last for a while if you take good care of it. It features two external neoprene side bat sleeves and an additional bottom button to allow you to carry a third bat easily. 

You can customize this baseball bag anyway you want. It comes with an external pocket that you can remove or attach depending on whether you find it useful or not.

It also features a ventilated shoe pocket that allows you to carry stinky shoes separate from the other things you are carrying. 

Key Features :- 

  • 2 neoprene side bat sleeves
  • Removable external pocket
  • One mountain hook
  • Ventilated shoe compartment
  • Lightweight design 


Question & Answer :

Q. Will a helmet fit inside this backpack?

A. Yes, it has enough room for a helmet, two gloves, and cleats.

Q. What ages is this baseball backpack suitable for?

A. It is suitable for people that are 10 years and above.

Q. Does this backpack have an external holder for the helmet or does the helmet go inside the backpack?

A. It has an external holder with 2 plastic clasps.

Q. Does this backpack keep the bats separated well enough from each other so that the knobs do not clink together when it is being worn?

A. Yes, it does. When you have your cleats, gloves and helmet in the backpack, the bats do not touch.

Best Baseball Backpack

Final Verdict

As you can see from the above baseball backpack reviews, having the best catchers bag or backpack is very necessary if you want to have an easy time on the baseball field. It will help you organize your sporting gear with ease. You will be able to transport equipment from one playing field to another without much hassle.

If you are a baseball player, you already know that it is a game that comes with plenty of equipment. You need to make sure that you have a sturdy and spacious bag to hold all of your stuff without any letdowns. You also need to make sure that the bag has comfortable straps that will not hurt your shoulders. 


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