Baseball Throwing Drills – An In-depth Guides

Most times people play baseball just for exercise or for fun, but there are those who love playing it in order to be pros. ln order for you to be a pro there are some of the baseball throwing drills you need to know and practice each time you are playing.

With these drills, you will be the best baseball player ever. Once you learn these drills, you strengthen your body and make it easy to make accurate throws.I did research on the best drills that experts use most of the times and make them to be the best in the pitch, you won’t regret using them at any time.

Baseball Throwing Drill’s

Baseball Throwing Drills

1. One knee drill

This drill is done in such a way that players proceed to be on one knee at around 55 feet from each other.The player with the ball will then move his shoulder in front focusing on his player partner.

Then take the ball and move his arm in a circular motion and throw the ball, this makes the player to bend his elbow and throw it past the other knee and the waist becomes bent.

This drill ensures proper arm action hence results in the best throw and give the desired results if you are right handed kneel using the right knee and vice versa.

2. Pause and balance drill

This drill is important particularly for people who become imbalanced in a balance position.Therefore, this drill is to ensure you become balanced before you throw the requires the player to have another player or player by the side.

The player will ensure he is on a balanced position, stop and turn his head, then wait to be handed the ball.Once he gets the ball he will turn and throw towards the required player.Through this drill the player will be able to throw the ball in a stable position and quite well.

3. The 20-foot square drill

This drill is preferred to be used by infielders where by 4 players are arranged in a square,20 feet apart.The players are then instructed on how to throw the ball either clockwise, diagonal or anti-clockwise.When throwing the ball as instructed the players will be perfecting short tosses that include arm side flips, dart throws and under hand tosses.

The players should ensure they focus on quick hands and accurate throws.Start with little speed and increase as the game continues.With this drill you perfect accuracy on how you throw the ball and perfect on how to catch it.

4. Cutoff throw race drill

This type of drill is the best for outfielders, quick arms and feet.A coach can get about eight players and divide them to two teams.Then let the two teams line up parallel to each other starting from the foul line.Let the players be around 40 to 50 feet apart depending on the skills and age.

For both teams, ensure the ball starts at the foul line and once the couch commands the ball will start.The players will throw the ball to each other in the line till the end and again throw it back till it reaches the foul line.The players can be spread out more and more and also lower the number.

5. Bucket drill

This drill helps players to make accurate throws where by players kneel on one knee at around 55 feet apart.10 gallon bucket is placed upside down and the kneeling foot placed on it.The player who is about to throw the ball will then move his shoulder toward his target and move his arm back while his hand is on the ball.

The player will then move his arm in a circuar motion and then throw the ball and rise up over the bent leg.The player will make sure he bends his elbow and throw it past the other knee.

6. The high-cock position drill

This drill helps professionals and other players to get on top of the ball.First of all the player spreads his feet to a throwing position that is permanent and slightly wide than the width of the shoulder and the leading leg points the target.The back foot stays in contact to the ground and turns over after the ball is released.

The throwing arm’s elbow should be in level with the shoulder which makes the arm to be in a high-cock position.Also, the elbow of the glove arm should be in level with the shoulders and point to the other player.Then pull the glove arm back and rotate the hips and pivot using the back of the feet.

7.The towel drill

This drill is among the best because you don’t strain your arm much and it helps you to throw the ball furthest.The players use a towel instead of the baseball in order to practice on how to hold the ball.

The player holds the towel using his fingers (the thumb and two fingers).This drill is very helpful to most of the players and makes them successful in their game.

8. Crane

Players stand in a crane position whereby the stride leg is raised in the air while the knee is bent.While the glove hand points the other player and the throwing hand in the launch position where by the ball is outside the ear.

The ball should be held for around 3 seconds before the ball is released.After the ball is released the player take a full step ahead. With this drill you can throw the ball further with a good score.

Baseball throwing drills: Video

Final Note:

The above mentioned baseball throwing drills are the best in case you were not aware of them.Once you give them a try you will realize a big change within a short period of time.I’m sure you will enjoy baseball as one of your best hobbies from now hence forth. I hope you find the information you needed.


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