Baseball Hitting Instruction – Complete Guides

Baseball is a game of skill, no doubt. But there is a bit of finesse that comes with the talents of the best players in the world. If you want to learn how to hit better, farther, and more accurately, you will need to combine both elements.

If you’re trying to work with baseball hitting instruction guides, you may get frustrated at times. It is for this reason why the following guide has been created. It has been simplified to help you with hitting, with the easiest process.

Baseball Hitting Instruction

Baseball Hitting Instruction
  • Pick Your Bat

Before moving forward with the more direct elements of this baseball hitting instruction, start with your bat. You need to select a bat to work with.

Players that do not know the weight, size, and shape of their favorite bats, will not be able to improve their swing. Your hand and eye coordination balances with the weight and length of the bat you utilize.

Unless you’re a professional, this is going to be important. Once you pick your bat size and weight, take a lot of practice swings. You want to have muscle memory with your bat. Swing in an open area, and just go through the process.

  • Strengthen Your Stance

Watch your favorite baseball players. You will notice that the best hitters throw their weight towards the front of their body, but do not move. They plant their feet firm, with a pivot, allowing their legs to lock with the bat’s swing.

When you are going to swing, you want to have a lot of speed coming from your body, not just your arms. Slightly bend your legs, and swing with the focus of your weight going across the front of your body, and your hands steady.

You want to hit the ball with the head of your bat, not anything else. The speed of your swing relies heavily on how you pivot and shift your body, and then plant your feet on the follow through.

  • Let Your Back-Foot Rise Through The Swing

As you throw your body forward, pivoting slightly to strengthen your stance, your back foot needs to slightly come up. It needs to rise slightly if not off the ground so that you get your heels up and your toe tipped.

Watch your favorite players, and you will force your weight forward and locked through the head of the bat. When you connect with the ball, if you do this correctly, you will not feel a shock or vibration through the bat. You will command the energy forward and get the distance. Your back foot must be loose, while your front foot has to be strengthened and planted.

  • Keep Your Back Foot and Leg Straight (Before the Swing)

The back of your body should remain like a straight line. You are going to pivot slightly based on your swing, but you need to keep part of your body straight and strengthened through the back.

If you are leaning forward, you will miss your intended target. Lean a bit back right before you swing your bat with power. Your power relies on being able to go from standing still to top speed, which requires your back leg, hip, and back to be still and firmly in the ground.

Don’t bend too much, or try to lean in, or you could lose milliseconds on your swing.

  • One Hand Up, One Hand Down Positioning

The way that you grip your bat is going to help or hurt your hitting. For that reason, you should work with a basic position. Open your palm and have the base of your grip start with an open hand up. Grip the bat and then place your other hand with the palm down.

As you raise the bat to your shoulder, your lead hand should be on the other hand. The grips of your palms should be opposing. The way that you grip your baseball bat will help your swing come through. Don’t try to rethink this. One hand should be above the other.

  • Center Your Head

Hitting coaches instruct their players to keep their heads at center. They refer to the “triangle”. What this means is that your head and neck should be at the center point between your feet. By doing this, you will be able to twist your body to the right position when the ball comes down the line.

Centering your head will let you focus the speed and power of the swing through the head of the bat, without losing your focus. In contrast, if you move your head or if it is out of position, you will not see the ball correctly. Center your head between your feet, simple as that.

  • Focus On The Ball

Players often focus on the contact point of the bat. Do not do this. Don’t worry about where your bat is versus where your eyes are. If you look or concern yourself with looking at your bat, you will lose focus of the ball. Focus on the ball and how it moves.

Baseballs throw by a pitcher move in a finite matter, at different speeds. To improve your line of sight, focus on the movement of the ball and swing as the pitcher releases the ball from the top of their body.

A pitcher will not go through the motion without releasing so focus on the ball, not your bat or swing. Amidst the most complicated baseball hitting instruction, this is the toughest one.

  • Bend Your Top Arm

The elbow facing the pitcher should be against your body, while your other elbow should be bent. Your elbow needs to bent so that you can pull the head of the bat as fast as your muscles can pull through.

With a bent elbow and a fulcrum of movement from one side to the next, you will be able to pivot your weight and move that energy through the bat. No hitter in history has been able to hit with power, without bending their top arm.

How high and at what position that is, depends on what is comfortable to you. Bend the arm at the elbow, and you will have power in your hits, guaranteed.

Common Hitting Flaws & Drills

Final Note

The above 8 steps for improving your baseball swing takes time to work through. One thing that all baseball hitting instruction guides talk about is, practice. With that in mind, visit a batting cage and test out these tips over all.

You want to practice moving your weight, setting your stance, and focusing on how the ball spins at different speeds. Be patient with this, and keep in tune with your body, and you will absolutely improve.


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