Types Of Baseball Gloves (Infographics)

Types Of Baseball Gloves

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Types Of Baseball Gloves:

  1. Two-Piece Closed

This baseball glove conceals both the hand and the ball. It has more material that is stitched together very well, something that makes it heavier.

  1. Trapeze Web

Trapeze web is a baseball glove that is mostly preferred by outfielders. It features a thin leather strap that is connected to the sides using lace interlacing.

  1. Single-Post

If you are looking for a nice glove to use on first base, this one will be perfect. It features vertical and horizontal leather strips that are woven nicely together. It is more visible and flexible.

  1. Open Web

The open web gloves feature an open web design that allows the pocket to be deeper and also lighter compared to a closed pocket. They are designed to allow quick transfer of the ball to the throwing hand.

  1. I-Web

This type of baseball glove is ideal for infielders. In fact, it is used my infielders only. It helps them snag and retrieve the baseball much quicker. It features a sturdy and flexible design. It also has a see-through design that allows the infielders to see the high and fly balls easily.

  1. Dual-Post

The dual post gloves are mostly used by middle infielders. They have pockets that feature solid pieces of leather with larger holes and loose stitching to prevent clamps of dirt from accumulating in the pocket.

  1. Closed Web

Closed web gloves are designed in a manner that keeps your hands hidden to prevent the hitters from guessing. They feature a lightweight design.

  1. Basket Web

This glove features tiny intertwining leather straps. The basket weave design that supports the web makes it very flexible and allows it to close easily.


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