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If you are looking for the best wood bats and cannot figure out what to look at and how to find it? Then you have come to the right place. Our complete guide will teach you understanding the key features of best-rated wood bats and help you find your desired one.

Wood bats are historically related with the game of baseball from the creation time of the game. Whenever the baseball games come to the mind, everyone can imaginably listen to the excellent pop sound of the wooden bats hitting the ball.

We know MLB uses wooden bats, although NCAA and other minor league use composite and aluminum bats. However, there is a different type of wood bats available in the market.

So, Let’s look into the best wooden bats among them and how they vary with respect to wood type and different specification.

Quick Comparison: Best Wood Bats

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Best Wood Bats

Top 10 Best Wood Bats Reviews

We have compared different brands and products on the market and choose a short list of quality and popular items.

After a detailed analyze and review, we have made a list of top 10 top rated wood bats on the market. Let’s go through the reviews including the features and qualities of these products.

1. Louisville Slugger WB180BB-NA 180 Natural Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger WB180BB-NA 180 Natural Baseball BatLouisville Slugger is the legend of the baseball bat construction. Most of the player admire this quality product across the century. This Louisville Slugger bat is from the adult bat series. This bat comes with well-construct, sturdy and durable design.

So, most of the players like to use it for their long term games. The bat is built with the ash wood which is the strongest than others. This is built with pro craftsman of the Louisville Slugger who has made the bat harder, more durable and longer lasting.

The natural manufactures of this product also made it very popular among the baseball players. The ash wood not only makes it strong and harder but also improves flex capabilities.

That’s why it gives the hitter relatively more available sweet spot. The Northern white ash wood construction is more forgiving, lightweight and flexible.

The wood is compressed vigorously to eliminate any soft spot present in the bat. It also makes the bat harder and increases the impact velocity. This bat is great for practice, cage and even for the games.

Highlighted Feature:
  • Constructed with Northern White Ash
  • Natural finish, drop ratio -3
  • Different length available
  • Compressed to eliminate soft spot
  • Remarkably good for cage, practice and even play

2. Easton S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo Wood Baseball Bat

Easton S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo Wood Baseball BatThe company made this bat with a durable bamboo core with the wrapping of professional grade maple barrel which gives straighter grain. It will provide the longevity and sturdiness for intensive usage.

The player will feel in their hand that the bat is more durable, strong, and better execution. Those who loves the Power brigade S1 BBCOR bat, this bat will also give similar feelings. It is featured with pro-balanced speed design and has laser engraved barrel.

Because of these it has maintained its classy feature and looks well decorated. So, most of the player loves the Easton S1 bat. It has drop ratio of -3 and pro cupped end.

These make the bat stay balanced to its balanced weight. It also provides it faster swing speed. This is equipped with 15/16 inch handle and supported by leather knob label.

This bat has the variant of gloss black and a matte black handle depending on the player’s preference. It is BBCOR certified baseball bat and has the drop ratio of -3. The full bat is a wonder eye catcher and it is purely made in California.

Highlighted Features:
  • Professional grade maple barrel with durable bamboo core
  • BBCOR certified
  • Pro cupped end
  • -3 drop ratio
  • 15/16-inch handle

3. Mizuno MZE271 Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat

Mizuno MZE271 Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball BatMizuno bat has gathered respect of the players across the baseball community for their commitment in the making great bats for 30 years. They also have given some of the top wood bat available in the market recent years.

The technology, innovation, and integrity to rule in the market made them one of the desirable best wood baseball bats company. And because of their good will, two of their very good bats have taken place in the wood bat reviews.

This elite MZE271 bamboo bat is built with glass fiber and bamboo melded together. The company made this bat through a unique design patented(pending) by the Mizuno. The composite bamboo and glass fiber composite has been used to make handle and taper.

You can grip the bat without any slippage problem. Also, it will provide confidence swinging the ba with power. It is also mixed with the bamboo barrel for better durability.

You can use this bat for more than years without any problem. The bat has matte cherry and BBCOR certification. The sanded handle improves the grip and easy to hit the ball.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bamboo and glass fiber melded together in handle
  • Improved grip by sanded handle
  • Matte cherry certified
  • BBCOR certified Bat
  • Comes with a 120 days’ warranty

4. DeMarini D271 Pro Maple Composite Baseball Bat

DeMarini D271 Pro Maple Composite Baseball BatDeMarini is the trustable name in the arena of the baseball bat. It is one of the best wood baseball bat producer and popular for its quality product with innovative technologies.

The D271 pro maple composite bat comes with the professional operation and unparalleled durability. You can use the bat for the intensive game for a long time.

The manufacturer specially designed the D271 for power. It consists of a large barrel so that there could be more mass at the impact point. So, you will enjoy the better pop out of this wood baseball bat.  The patented design ensures that the bat combines composite handle and barrel.

The urethane foam grip increased the durability of this bat. So you can easily grip the bat and will not slip while hitting the pitch. The composite core of the bat is surrounded by the Canadian hard maple barrel.

So, it provides ultimate soothing bat-pitch contact sound and remarkable performance. The bat is BBCOR approved and can be played in the short season a, High School, NCAA, & Rookie Ball Play

Highlighted Features:
  • Professional performance with a wood bat
  • Patented design ensures handle and frame durability
  • Canadian maple barrel is used
  • BBCOR approved
  • 2 5/8” barrel diameter, -3 drop ratio

5. Marucci Youth Pro Model Jose Bautista Maple Wood Baseball Bat Jb19yb

Marucci Youth Pro Model Jose BautistaThis Marucci Youth Pro Model bat is made with the top grade maple wood cut down from selected naturally grown Pennsylvania forests. The hard selection process ensures the best quality wood bat possible.

Remarkably, the company of Marucci made this bat entirely with the human hand from the beginning of cutting, calibrating, balancing, buffing and finally lacquering. The bat is also used for youth baseball. An ultra-penetrating stain gives the best possible finish to the Marucci bat.

Additionally, they use the technique called “Boning” which is the most impressive feature. The boning is a technique what the earliest players used to do with their bats like Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

This legend used to spend hours after hours to rub their bat with cow femur bones which close the pores and by compressing it make harder. This bat has pro cupped end which improves the weight distribution throughout the bat.

This also has proper swing weight balance for easier and comfortable swing. For the features and quality, people call this bat as one of the best youth wood baseball bats in the market.

Highlighted Features:
  • Bone rubbed to make the harder and fill up pores
  • Totally hand made from top quality maple wood
  • Approximately -5 length to weight ratio
  • 2 ¼” barrel diameter
  • Proper swing weight balance

6. Rawlings 243MBS Wood Composite Big Stick Baseball Bat

Rawlings 243MBS Wood Composite Big Stick Baseball BatQuality wood is an essential thing to build a quality bat. The Rawling always look after this aspect with great care to produce the best pros bat available in the market. This is the bat where batter put their trust. This bat made by Rawlings is made with the strongest maple wood and eco-friendly bamboo together making a composite structure.

As a result, it featured improved swing speed in addition to the balanced distribution of weight. Most of the player loves the performance and ease of swing of this product.

Designed from top to bottom the new 243MBS is 2x stronger than the previous model. Rawling has used the most durable portion of the bamboo plant which you can find at the bottom of the plant.

This stronger bamboo unit is used to made the handle which measures 19/20 inches and joint with the strong maple built barrel. The company is very much confident about its performance and they have given warranty for it.

It is one of the best composite wood bats in the market for the superb quality and finishes. The 243MBS has BBCOR certification and you can legally use it in high school play.

Highlighted Features:

  • Maple/Bamboo Composite built
  • 19/20-inch comfy handle
  • BBCOR certified
  • Twice durable than the previous model
  • -3 Length to weight ratio approximately

7. Easton Mako Comp Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Easton Mako Comp Maple Wood Baseball BatEaston Mako power brigade always comes up with some amazing engineering. But it has gone to a far extent to make one of the best in the market. It is one of the most famous wood bats in the market.

Easton has brought its fierce and famous Mako in the shape of the wooden bat. Easton’s remarkable hand-split method of carving the wood bat from the composite maple wood is used in this bat. This has resulted in straighter grain with more durable, strong and better performing.

Also, The Straighter grain allows easier swing as well as more even weight distribution with a smooth finish. So, you will love the enhanced performance during a competitive game.

This bat is properly pro balanced for the even weight distribution. Additionally, the swings are more free and powerful with this baseball bat.

The handle has composite resin coating for maximum durability and tighter grip. The sweet spot is wider and it is built to match with the youth baseball criteria across the country. The bat is BBCOR certified and the length to weight ratio is -3.

Highlighted Features:
  • Hand-split professional grade maple wood
  • BBCOR approved
  • Pro-balanced speed design
  • Laser engraved monster barrel
  • -3 length to weight ratio

8. Louisville Slugger WB225YB-HN 225 Youth Hornsby Ash Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger WB225YB-HN 225Louisville slugger is the royal name in the baseball bats history. This bat is one of the best youth wood bat because of its performance and relatively cheap price combination.

If you are finding an affordable bat with a great performance this is the one for you. The manufacture made this bat with youth ash wood that’s why it is strong. So, you do not need to worry about any breakage of this bat.

The company has to make sure of it sturdiness. Louisville Slugger WB225YB-HN 225 is best for the hard hitter who wants to fly the ball out of the fence. The bat’s handle is long and has a relatively low length to weight ratio.

That’s why the young and senior people can play with it. This bat has a comfortable handle grip that’s why it easy to grip and easy to hit. It has the horsby finish so it looks great.

Also, the cupped end provides greater sweet spot. The bat is the best bat available in the limited price range and the best-selling item in several different categories.

Highlighted Features:
  • Very lightweight design
  • Most cheap bat available with great performance
  • Construct with youth ash wood
  • Hornsby Finish
  • Cupped end finish

9. Mizuno 2014 Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat

Mizuno 2014 Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball BatMizuno is making the highest quality bamboo bats by its expert engineers for more over 30 years. They produce not only the best quality bats but also they are popular for the manufacturing best-looking bat.

The Mizuno bats always give the batter extra privilege, whenever they are in the base plate for batting. This new bamboo elite bat has achieved a new milestone or the Mizuno. The manufacturer built this excellent bat with the patent-pending design of melding the glass fiber and bamboo together in the handle and taper.

Finally, it is combined with the bamboo barrel to create the ultimate unparalleled durability. The handle has better grip because of the sanded design. The incredible balance is achieved by end cup structure.

So, you can easily swing this types of baseball bat with having proper accuracy in hitting the sweet spot. Most of the players love this bat for the improved handle and grips. The comfort makes playing a lot easier.

Mizuno is so much confident about their product that they have given 120 days’ manufacturer warranty. It has the 2 ½ inch barrel and the drop ratio is between -2 to -3. It has a BBCOR certification.

Highlighted Features:
  • Constructed with Bamboo and glass fiber melded together
  • BBCOR certified
  • Sanded handle for improvised grip
  • Pro cupped end
  • 2 1/2” barrel diameter and approx. -2 to -3 drop ratio bat

10. Marucci JB19 Maple Baseball Bat

Marucci JB19 Maple Baseball BatMarucci’s JB19 Maple baseball bat is among the quality wood baseball bats because of its performance, dependability and consistent performance. This is the adult version and MLB player’s favorite choice.

The youngsters use the previous younger version in the baseball league and practice season. But this is a bat is for professional players. This model is made with maximized balance and handles ease. Therefore, the player seems to like the comfort of this Baseball bat.

Company built it with strong and selected maple would from the naturally grown forests of Pennsylvania. The entire bat is hand made from cutting down to burnish. The earliest pro player technique of bone rubbing is used here to give the bat hardened and sealed finish.

The handle of the bat is 15/16 inch in diameter and the length to weight ratio is approximate -3. The bat has improved balance swing weight and the handle comes with a black or natural finish.

Knob is traditionally built and can feel coherence with the barrel which is also traditionally constructed. The weight is distributed and can be felt well balanced.

Highlighted Features:

  • Gradual tapered into mid-sized barrel
  • Bone rubbing technique used to fill the pore and make harder
  • 2 ½ “Barrel diameter
  • Pro Cupped end
  • -3 Length to weight ratio

How It's Made - Wooden Baseball Bat

          Types of Wood Baseball Bats:
There are five types of wood bats available in the market. These are-

Maple Wood Bats:

  • Maple wood bats are made of the Maple tree. It is one of the most honored and old bat material used in the wood bat construction.
  • Maple wood is very dense wood as a result have a very responsive barrel which means greater exit speed at the hit time. It is also durable or its dense nature.

Composite Wood Bats:

  • Composite bats are made with multiple wood types sometimes bamboo bats wrapped with another type sheath, sometimes with one type of handle and another type of barrel etc.
  • The composite wood bats are relatively more durable than the other wood bats and last longer. This wood bats will provide the service of the standard wood bats will have a longer lifetime.

Bamboo Bats:

  • Bamboo bats are made with bamboo strips and mold together to form a strong shape. Then the shape is turned into a particular model.
  • These bats are more durable and hard than the others. It is more used in cage practice. Bamboo bats are famous among power hitters. Though it is not allowed in MBL but it is gaining popularity in the different league and cage practice.

Ash Wood Bats:

  • Ash bats are in use from the beginning from the baseball game. Ash is the light weight and contact hitter often chooses it. It is strongest and has wider grain structure among the wood.
  • The ash wood bat is softer to feel and flexes during the swing. This flex creates additional bat whip and more forgiving.

Birch wood bats:

  • Birch bat lies between the middle ground of maple and ash. The birch has the flex of the ash and durability of the maple. This is often considered best among the best wood bats.
  • The combination of flexibility and rigorousness make the birch wood bat more long-lived than any other type of bats while swinging.

How much is a professional baseball bat?

The best baseball bats that the pro use varies in price from the manufacturer. It approximately ranges from $80 to $175.

But the professional players choose custom bats according to specifications for length, weight, barrel’s and handle diameter, color, and balance. They also choose the wood type. This thing made the price variations.

Why do the pros use wooden bats?

The pro players use wooden bats because of not they have chosen to but because of that’s what they have to.

It is primarily because of the safety, historical preservation and keeps the offenses at a reasonable level. That’s why a pro player must learn and use wood bats.

Frequently Question & answer about this product:

Question: Can you use a wood bat in Little League?

Answer: The barrel cannot longer than 2 5/8 inch and the handle cannot be less than 15/16 inch or 7/8 inch for bats under 30 inches. Little League does not allow bats with 2 3/4 inch barrels.

Question: What is the negative number on a baseball bat?

Answer: The negative numbers are the length to weight ratio.

Question: What does it mean to bone a bat?

Answer: Bone a bat mean rub the surface of the bat with a bone or porcelain to fill up the soft spot and make the wood harder.

Question: Which is better: maple, birch or ash?

Answer: All three kinds of wood actually make great baseball bats but in different ways. Ash has little larger hitting area, Maple has the dense wood and Birch is some advantages of both maple and ash.

Final Words

Most of the top companies are working their best to provide excellent qualities in their wood bats. We have analyzed the best wooden baseball bats and come up with a list of ten best-rated wood bats. These bats are made with proper quality and features to be on the top list in the wood bats review.

It is important to understand your needs before the final decision in buying a wood bat. Consider properly if you want a balanced bat or end loaded bat. also, make sure the thickness of the handle your favorite bat. The 10 bats we provided in this review are the best one, you can choose any of them without any concern.


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