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When you’re getting lots of brands, sizes, and features to consider, a simple task like choosing of best baseball gloves can get tougher. On the other hand, if you’re a newbie to this baseball world then you’ll end up selecting the wrong glove for your hand.

So, you need quality baseball gloves for playing as it can change the course of the game. It also provides confidence on the player and then helps them to perform better in the other sector.

Different companies may try to convince the customer with the wrong information and marketing details. So before getting confused, you need to research on the reviews of different gloves. There is a specialized glove for every player or every position.

Hence, we’ll provide you the basics of the top rated baseball gloves. Thus, you don’t need to get disappointed later on.

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You need to understand some of the most important aspects of gloves. After it, you can see if the specific gloves offer quality on these aspects. It will help you to determine, which one to select for the game. If you want proper knowledge on baseball gloves before choosing the right item for you, then these considerations will help you cause.

Best Baseball Gloves

Top 10 Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

Finding the right baseball gloves can be very tough with so many companies and product are available on the market. Sometimes, we waste so many times in reviewing hundreds of items and tend to by one with confusions in mind. So, keeping that in mind, we have picked the top 10 baseball gloves and provided short but informative details on them. Find out more about top baseball gloves reviews in this section.

1. Mizuno MVP Baseball Glove

Mizuno MVP Baseball GloveThe Mizuno MVP Baseball Glove is gaining popularity for the great quality and feel. You can rely on the longevity of this gloves along with enjoying the comfort. Thanks to the soft and pebbled leather of this baseball glove. It will ensure excellent performance during the game with added durability.

This model has a size of 11.25 inches, which is perfect for most of the players. The deep 3 web will ensure that you can catch and hold the ball perfectly on the field. So, you will surely love the performance during heavy battle.

I love the comfortable Bio Throwback leather made a glove. It not only makes catching easy, bat also lets me through it perfectly. you will also notice the game ready feel right after putting these gloves on. So, this will also boost your confidence.

Also, you will love the overall design of the Mizuno MVP Baseball Glove. The leather outfit looks excellent with providing durable support over your hand. If you are pro gamer, then you can rely on this gloves for a long time. It won’t get ruined very easily.

You can order right and left-hand model according to your comfort. This glove is in our top ten best baseball gloves list for the comfort, longevity, and performance.

Highlighted Features

  • The 11.25-inch model is proper
  • Very comfortable with soft leather
  • Comes with a deep web for catching the ball
  • Comes with durable leather to last longer
  • High quality and professional gloves

2. Rawlings GG Gamer Series 12.75-inch Glove

Rawlings GG Gamer Series 12.75-inch GloveThe Rawlings GG Gamer Series is an award-winning great baseball glove. It is designed for every position player. The comfort and the performance of this gloves are excellent. It makes sure that player can get the confidence to catch the flying ball efficiently.

The gloves come with Full Grain Leather, which is really tough and durable. So, you can use the gloves for a long time. Also, you won’t be displeased with the comfort of this glove, as the leather is also very soft.

I like the lining and palm pads of this excellent baseball gloves. They are made of high-quality leather. It helps you to grab flying ball perfectly and also transfer it into other hands quickly. So you can be very effective on the close and outfield area.

Some people may argue about the size, but I think the 12.75-inch glove is perfect for an outfield position. You place your hand anywhere near to grab the ball. So, you don’t have to worry about missing it.

The overall quality with leather and pro grade lace of this glove is excellent. The Rawlings GG Gamer Series worth the decent price.

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy full-grain leather
  • Very soft leather for the comfort
  • Palm pads are made with leather
  • High-quality material
  • Increase field performance

3. Akadema AMR34 Precision Series Glove

Akadema AMR34 Precision Series Glove

My son loves baseball for a very little age and I tried different gloves for his fielding. While most of the time he lacks for comfort and confidence, I thought I should try a different glove, the Akadema AMR34 Precision Series Glove. And thanks to the company, it really changes his performance in the field.

Akadema is a popular baseball company, and this glove is one of their finest items. The glove is made with light leather that is really comfortable to wear for a long time. Also, the tight grained leather ensures durability during tough games.

The excellent construction quality the company ensures maximum comfort and flexibility, thanks to the easy-to-break design. You can easily hold the ball and then through it to the other hand to have accurate throwing position. Although, the glove comes with both right and left-hand throwing facility.

The deep pocket adds extra reliability when catching the ball.  So, you can play with certainty when grabbing the ball. The 12.75 inches’ size of the baseball gloves makes sure you can catch fast and flying balls easily.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with comfortable material
  • Has deep pocket
  • Both right and left hand throw available
  • H web glove
  • Has a size of 12.75″

4. Easton ECG1150 Core Series Baseball Glove

Easton ECG1150 Core Series Baseball Glove

The Easton ECG1150 Core Series Baseball Glove is one of best-rated baseball gloves. The gloves are made with high-quality material and fabric to last a long period. It has Diamond Pro steer hide tanned leather as construction makeup.

The quality and the materials make this glove very comfortable. So, you can wear it perfectly and catch the baseball properly. The leather palm liner also adds comfort and softness. You will not feel any pain in grabbing speedy flying baseballs.

For finger articulation, this Easton glove has rolled leather welting. The pocket shape will not wear down after usages. The rawhide lacing gives the extra strength of 100 pounds and makes the overall glove very sturdy.

The 11.5″ Infield Pattern is perfect for most of the players, with more flexibility. The glove has both Left Hand Throw = Right-Hand Glove and Right Hand Throw = Left Hand Glove option.

I am very satisfied with the overall design, comfort and the sturdiness of this baseball gloves. You will enjoy your fielding during heavy intense games. It will also build confidence in doing well on the field.

Highlighted Features

  • Soft made gloves for the comfort
  • Comes with durability for long use
  • Has 11.5″ Infield Pattern
  • Provide sturdy rawhide lacing
  • Has both hand throw and glove option

5. Louisville Slugger 12.75-Inch FG Omaha Pro Baseball Outfielders Gloves

Louisville Slugger 12.75-Inch FG OmahaThis product is one of the most popular cheap baseball gloves on this list. If you are looking for an efficient, comfortable and good quality baseball gloves in a low price range then you should go for it. The manufacturer used cowhide leather to make this glove. It is the old-fashioned glove that needs some break-ins before using in the match.

The oil treated leather makes it very sturdy for heavy usages. Also, it will begin to soften and provides excellent flexibility during baseball games. So, catching the baseballs will be even easier with it.

The design of the Louisville Slugger FG Omaha Pro Baseball Outfielders Gloves has a classic touch. You will love the performance of these gloves. The high-quality Premium grade cowhide will make sure; you can use it for a long time.

The only thing a user should consider is the break-in. it will take the time to properly treat in the match. So, if you need a readymade glove, you should another one.

The 12.75″ size gloves make it very easy to catch the ball at outfield. It will give you enough confidence to do great in baseball games.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with quality for long use
  • Has 12.75″ Infield Pattern
  • Excellent quality with cowhide leather
  • Comes with a classic design
  • Has warranty of 1 year

6. All-Star Pro-Elite 33.5 Inch CM3000SBT Baseball Catcher’s Mitt

All-Star Pro-Elite 33.5 Inch CM3000SBTThe CM3000SBT Baseball Catcher’s Mitt is for the Pro level players. It’s made from Japanese tanned steer hide which results in a quick break in and extended life. Moreover, the glove has a soft tan leather pocket which gives the ball a great pop, and you’ll feel great to experience it.

If you’re a serious ball player, then this mitt is the best one for you. In addition, it’s designed for the pro people like you.

The glove has a black leather backing which is stiffer. In addition, it provides the Mitt the right amount of support and increases its durability.

Besides, the glove has extended pro pocket which offers extra support and strength. On the other hand, the glove has locking tab which helps in easy adjustment, offers comfort and removes bulk. Moreover, the glove has closed web design.

The Mitt is a handmade glove which is work of art. The finest materials and hand craftsmanship make the glove exceptional. So if you’re expecting better support and better performance, you can choose this Catcher’s Mitt.

Highlighted features:

  • Designed for pro level player
  • Extended pocket Profiled Toe
  • Made from Japanese Tanned U.S. Steer hide
  • Back open with Finger Hood and Velcro Wrist Strap
  • Closed web
  • Combo of black and tan



If you’re looking for the most premium glove in the market, you can choose the Wilson WTA2KRB16DTDUDE as the best option. The glove is a snakeskin Pro Stock Select leather. It offers H-web pattern. The glove has double palm construction which ensures maximum pocket stability.

You’re getting three different colors in this hand glove. It’s the combination of red, black and blonde.

It’s the finest cut of the leather and very precise construction. The hand shaping is three times more by the craftsman in the factory which reduces break in time. Besides, it has dual-welting for quicker break in.

The construction materials make the glove consistent and flawless. Buy the left-hand glove if you throw the ball in right hand. On the other hand, go for the right-hand glove for a left-hand throw.

Highlighted features:

  • H-web pattern
  • Combo of Red, Black, and Blonde colors
  • Double palm construction gives stability
  • 3 times more shaping for lower break
  • 5 inches in size
  • Rolled dual welting for faster break-in

8. Mizuno GMVP1277SE4 MVP Prime SE Gloves

Mizuno GMVP1277SE4 MVP Prime SE GlovesIf you’re looking for the affordable smooth and soft feeling, comfortable hand glove, you can select Mizuno GMVP1277SE4 MVP Prime SE Gloves. It has a center pocket design. It means the pocket forms naturally at t5he center under the index finger for the superb break in. This is the unique feature of this glove.

Moreover, the glove is made up of bio soft leather. It ensures smoothness. It has the excellent balance of softness and oil which offer an exceptional feel to the gloves. The player can have firm control over it.

There is an ultra-soft liner at the palm. It gives a soft finish and thus ensures comfortable and excellent feeling. Besides, the glove has edge laces design which is strong enough to create stable thumb.

Another important feature is the heel flex technology. It ensures more flexible heel for excellent performance and smooth feeling. The Edge lace comes with a great quality and will provide stable thumb. So, your performance on the baseball field will be excellent with this item.

It has both hand glove. Right hand and left hand. Choose the glove hand according to your hand use in throwing the ball.

Highlighted features:

  • Bio-soft leather for unique feel
  • Has firm control over ball
  • Heel flex for more flexibility
  • Center pocket has excellent break-in
  • Ultra soft palm line for soft finish
  • Has excellent feeling

9.  Wilson Showtime Series 11.5 Inch WTA08RB16 115PF Baseball Glove

Wilson Showtime Series 11.5 Inch WTA08RB16If you crave for old-school look glove instead of modern funky style glove, then I want to suggest you the Wilson Showtime Series 11.5 Inch WTA08RB16 115PF Baseball Glove. It’s a cool, dark brown and blonde leather glove. So, you will be very happy with the overall design of this Wilson glove.

It has different notable features that you must know before using it. The glove has double palm construction. Thus, it gives stability and comfort in the palm areas. Therefore, it will last longer periods with giving fullest service. It has dual welting for faster break in.

Besides, the leather construction ensures break in and also conforms to the hand. Moreover, the gloves provide a low profile heel, and so it helps to open the pocket and the palm. You can do it even when you have bad hops in the field.

The company doesn’t compromise with the quality and the craftsmanship. Thus, the expert trainers built this ShowTime gloves. With the excellent durability and lasting capacity, you will have a glove that offers comfort and flexibility.

If you want to pay homage to the great players of past, this glove is a perfect one for you.

Highlighted features

  • Made up of full leather
  • Low profile heel
  • Double palm construction for stability
  • Conforms to the hand
  • Dark brown, Blonde leather

10. Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual-Core Series PRO204DCB 11.5 Inch Baseball Glove

Rawlings Heart of the Hide Dual-Core Series PRO204DCBDo you want a glove made by the world’s best glove technicians? Then I must say, have a look on the Rawlings Heart PRO204DCB 11.5 Inch Baseball Glove. This glove is for the elite or adult player. Most of the pro gamers love this baseball gloves for the excellent quality and features.

The glove has Modified Trap-Eze Web pattern which shows strong web pattern and thus ensures the quick ball catching functionality. So, you will love the performance of your fielding during intense games.

It is the heart of hiding leather and tanned softer to make it more durable and consistent. Thus, this softness ensures less break in time. Moreover, this series shows Dual Core Technology which offers position specific break point in the pattern of the gloves.

The glove has Tennessee Tanning pro lace for sturdiness and longer lifespan. Moreover, the soft grain leather fingers and palm lining offers extreme comfort. So, you can enjoy the comfort of this gloves with having the longevity of the company.

Both hand gloves are available. If you’re right-handed thrower, then select left-hand glove and vice versa.   This baseball glove is gaining popularity by the service and performance.

Highlighted features

  • Comes with Rawlings Pro Patterns
  • Tanned leather lacing for longer lifespan
  • Has Both hand gloves for both hands
  • It’s the USA made product
  • Full grain leather for extra comfort

 How to Choose a Baseball Glove?

Gloves Type On different Position

There are various kinds of baseball gloves available for different kinds of needs and gameplays. Let us find out these types of baseball gloves in this section.

  • Pitcher’s glove

Normally, a Pitcher’s gloves can use a closed webbing. It helps to hide the grip of the pitcher and the ball from the batter. There are various pitcher’s gloves with different sizes. You can choose the size for your personal comfort and preference.

  • Catcher’s mitt

This type of catcher’s mitt is designed for fielders fielding at various positions on the field. These mitts don’t have any fingers. These heavy padded mitts protect hands during heavy playing sessions. The smaller pockets of these mitts help to release the ball easily.

  • First baseman’s mitt

First baseman’s mitts are quite similar to the catcher’s glove. These gloves have thinner but firm pad that runs around the mitt. A little padding in the finger or palm portions is there for comfort. They have sizes around 12 to 12 1/2 inches.

  • Infielder’s glove

Normally an infielder glove can have a size range from 10.5 inches to 11.5 inches. These infielder’s gloves are designed for second basemen, shortstops, pitchers, third basemen. These gloves have shallow pockets to hold the ball and rapidly transfer it to his throwing arm.

  • Outfielder’s gloves

Normally an outfielder gloves have a size range from 12 inches to 12.5 inches. They are longer in size than other baseball gloves with having a deep pocket. The manufacturer has this special design for catching flying balls.

Frequently Question & answer about Baseball Glove:

Q. What should I choose between a right and left-handed glove?

A. If you are a right handed player, then you should choose a glove which has a mark “regular” on it. If you’re a player with a left-handed attribute, then you should wear a “full right” glove” for the game.

Q. Is using glove oil shortens the life of a glove?

A. If you overdo anything, then that can create problems. Over oiling can also reduce the life expectancy. But if you use oil properly it will help you to maintain the glove with extra durability.

Q. What are the reliable companies of best quality baseball gloves?

A. The three major baseball gloves companies are Mizuno, Wilson, and Rawlings. These manufacturers are providing best-rated softball gloves 0r  baseball for decades.

Q. What is the perfect size of a glove?

A. The size can vary from personal preference and fielding position of a player. Those, who field outside should have bigger sized gloves. It can vary from 10.5 inches to 12.5 inches.

Final Thought

Before choosing the right item, you should check out the preferred field position of that specific product from the baseball gloves reviews. The size can be different for infielder and outfielder gloves. Also, considering the comfort is a must before choosing the best-rated baseball gloves ever.

Before buying your baseball gloves, you should check out our guides on this product. It will help you to understand the important aspects of gloves and then you can be more specific on choosing.

We have tested different baseball gloves from the top companies and find out the best ten for our users. Our comparison and in-depth reviews will give them a right idea on these products. I hope this article will help the reader leading them to find the perfect match.


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